13 thoughts on “Work No. 328; In The Real World

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    • Cheers Deano, as mentioned we are both blessed with the “eagle eye” heh?
      Also note they’re reading the same rag – looks like either the Mail or the truly dreadful Express.

      No accounting… as they say.


    • Yes isadora, but they’re mates yet not actually “together” – each immersed in reading their own page of the paper, mentally they’re worlds apart.
      But it’s funny, often that’s how it goes with “old mates”!

      I reckon I can recognize young couples who have only just met, or only a few weeks ago at least- none of that newspaper reading stuff there.
      Intimate lovey-dovey smiley smoochy attention to each other all the way.

      If only it could stay that way with relationships…. sigh.
      LIFE, huh.


    • Cheers Tom. I think you could make a living selling Relaxation CD Roms – featuring slideshows of your great seaside photos, maybe set to suitable chilled-out ambient music?
      Check out copyright-free music – google AKM for eg.
      I use them a lot in my mountain videos, they have a big range of sounds & styles to choose from.


      • Marketing it under new agey relaxation should do well in the Yoga etc mags.
        You can buy CD /DVD duplicators for a couple of hundred or less now, where you run off copies of 3 or more every minute or so.
        Google CD duplicators.


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