London Dada work 460; “Untitled”


” UNTITLED ” ( obvious )
  c. Michael St.Mark 2011



Second in the series. Play on the ubiquitous Untitled title of sundry Works within contemporary art; the deliberate placing of the word in quotation marks meaning to suggest the actual title is, or should be, strongly evident with the Work itself.

Left to the viewer to work out the ( “obvious” ) title for themselves.


7 thoughts on “London Dada work 460; “Untitled”

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  3. my friend has a German Shepherd and she is a beautiful and friendly dog, definately not scary at all. Some of the most scary dogs are little ‘yappy’ ones which nip your ankles, my favourites though are Whippets and Border Collies. Whippets are very gentle, quiet and loyal dogs and Border Collies are beautiful, intelligent and loving dogs——-awww lovely!


    • Yeah, me too.. German Shepherds are kind of bred to be scary, along with Rot’s and Bull’s.
      Most of the rest though are just about the only joy to be had for love or money in a melancholy life – watching their eager eyes & smiling tongue-distended faces as they take their owners out for walks.
      Plain innocent fun 🙂


    • Thank you Pat, the title question is answered, phew. It’s one of those where I was worried that maybe to title it with the obvious? might have been… a bit too obvious …but to leave it untitled might have left it too arcane. But to receive that comment from a guy of obviously above-average intelligence is welcome feedback. Cheers.


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