London Dada Work 578; Inshore Rescue

The dadAIsTs of Inshore Rescue
( They who have Seen the Light XII )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

* * * * * *  *

Can’t believe its a whole year since our London Dada Valentine Special ” Bouquets for Wifey”
Definitely need to get out ( of this dreary & miserable little packed-out car-crammed run-down dumbed-down island ) more.

8 thoughts on “London Dada Work 578; Inshore Rescue

  1. Having been out on a local lifeboat myself [as a visitor not a victim!] i can assure you they don’t usually look like this :)) —–although if i was drowning i wouldn’t care what my rescuers looked like!

    I hope they weren’t spending the profits from the stall on the ‘fags and beer’ 😀


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