Work No. 652 ogitreV II

ogitreV II
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Second in the series, the sense of vertigo reversed.
NatWest Tower, City of London

Linkback to Ogitrev 1, a collaborative work with photographer Dean Christopher in 2006.



Cropped & tonally-enhanced digital photograph..
Signed edition of 50 fine art Giclee print, 20″ x 12″
£450 ( unframed )

London Dada website

2 thoughts on “Work No. 652 ogitreV II

  1. I love this,in fact if i had a ‘spare’ £120 it ould be winging it’s way to you now!

    I really feel like i am standing in the street looking up at the buildings, it’s am amazing feeling.


    • It’s a fairly common type of shot in urban photography – camera pointing skywards amid towering buildings – but the title, suggesting an opposite feeling to that of vertigo when looking up in such a setting, I think is unique.
      Re’ the “spare £120”.. I’ll see what I can do 😉


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