work 665; They who have seen the light IX

They who have seen the light
TWHSTL IX ” Resplendent in Red”
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Pedestrian shopping, Potters Bar.  April 2013
Latest in our long-running series exploring unconscious eccentricity of attire.

Diptych presentation of two signed giclee prints on Ilford Pearl, 20″ x 18″ each. Choice of mount/Alu frame.
One worldwide.


London Dada website

6 thoughts on “work 665; They who have seen the light IX

  1. He definitely won’t get knocked down wearing that outfit as he could probably be spotted a mile away!

    He’s trendy though———-if this was the 1970’s that is 🙂


    • Don’t ask me what this is all about, unless he’s a dyed-in-the-wool Communist from the 1960s ( Reds under the bed etc ) maybe.
      But I doubt it.
      Incredibly, he most likely thought he looked quite smart in the mirror before sallying forth on his little shopping trip.
      Deary me.


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