London Dada Work No. 677: ( Hell is ) Other People 1 / II

hell is other people
Other People / My Beautiful Life II
c. Michael St.Mark, Sept. 27th

Conceptual work. Empty blister packs of 30/500 co-codemol prescription strength pain-killers laid out in crucifix form on
black card background. Title based on Jean Paul Sartre’s theatrical character-based saying,
Hell is other people

Often it’s the formerly overly kind who become bitter ” – Michael St.Mark, March 2015


Physical work, mounted within copper alloy frame, 36″ x 36″
One worldwide

Precursor to forthcoming Other People II, to comprise  7′  tulip wood crucifix adhered on all sides
with further used pain-killer and blood pressure blister packs.
Assembles from 3 parts and stands upright, set in a flat base holding an assortment of medium sized rounded beach pebbles, each one representing the individual in society forced by the crashing waves of unceasing daily tides of life to friction (conflict ) against one another over many years.

Other People ( mid construct)
Mid-construct, June 2015

Completed Work installed at Underdog Gallery London for the Zurich meets London Dada centennial event, May 2016

* UPDATE Other People II completed & in situ at Galerie 691; May/June 2017


Further details on the Work  / reserve or purchase Other People II

* * * * *

Linkback to My Beautiful Life 1
” One of the most difficult and challenging things to come to terms with as an enquiring human being, is the scarcity of real friendship, warmth or love that one can hope to expect from the majority of others over a lifetime, despite making sincere efforts to offer it oneself ”  Carl Jung


*  Banksy, along with 60s wrestler Kendo Nagasaki – the only artists in history to be both famous and  (til now) faceless at one and the same time.

4 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 677: ( Hell is ) Other People 1 / II

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  2. Thanks Brianna. The used-up pain-killer packets in the form of a cross is a metaphor for the wearing effect others can sometimes have over time, but yes, drug addiction eventually makes the world a very unpleasant place for the user.

    Although simply living in the world, some spiritual-sensitive folk would argue, entails an unavoidable sharing of the burden of ignorance and sheer stupidity of the majority.

    Oh and being coldly spurned in love isn’t too brilliant either.

    Hope to discuss over soup and sympathy soon 🙂


  3. Wow! that’s fabulous :-)——and yes, hell can certainly be other people!

    For others though drugs are their ‘cross to bear’ either intentionally or unintentionally.

    I guess though it’s up to us to not let other people make our lives hell, if everyone left everyone else alone to get on with their life then i’m sure we’d all be a lot happier.


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