Work No. 718; The Price of Enlightenment

the price of enlightenment

The Price of Enlightenment – demolition of the house of ego. / The Human Condition VI
c. Michael St.Mark 2014

( click on the adjacent thumbnail to expand image of how the work would appear framed )

There is naught save Allah within these robes ” – Kabir


Comment on the human dilemma  and latest in our The Human Condition series, now trending as a distinct genre within UK mainstream art.
Alternative title; What’s the point ?( of Windows ), suggested by poet and writer Ian Thorp

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Link to Work 696: The Human Condition V1


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5 thoughts on “Work No. 718; The Price of Enlightenment

  1. I though you were commenting on the uselessness of Windows Operating Systems Mike :))

    But I suppose you are. We open windows and check into Wiki(open skies)pedia. And there is little of substance there.


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