Work No. 791; Elsewhere Train

Elsewhere Train
  c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Links to Work No 733 from February this year

Art, for us, is not an end in itself but an opportunity for true perception and criticism of the times we live in Hugo Ball, father of Dada.

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6 thoughts on “Work No. 791; Elsewhere Train

  1. Haha. This is a beaut. Yet, seriously, while you capably lament in illustrating the coldness of modern society, how would you render it otherwise, eh? Let us erase oh, say three decades. She and he are still strangers on the train. I’ll guess she’d be looking out the window, and give up regarding his occupation while they both travel to their separate destinations.
    In fact, my cheekiness will go so far as to differ and say these two are likelier to connect thanks to their electronics than otherwise, cuz if they both happen to be members of an online community and then realize they’re sitting across from one another, the ice will not be there. Or you can correct me. Thanks for sharing.
    By the by, what did you think of Alan Ginsberg’s pretty little (ha!) essay (alluding to dada):
    []? The link is about as obnoxiously long as the essay.
    Kick me?
    Tata, Jenny


    • Three decades ago they may well also have struck up a warm conversation, in the stead of each flitting about their personal virtual worlds through a few square inches of plastic LED screen. The likelihood they would be chatting with each other coincidentally is pretty remote, you’d have to admit.

      One very striking feature of the dawning of the internet age has been inexorable dehumanizing of society through isolation of the individual from real world social interaction.

      Thanks for the comment Jenny – are your refined dissertations emigrating to WordPress ?


      • You either are too much of an optimist or actually know better. I can’t think a decade shorter altered that much and I must not have been any less conservative, or rather shy, then as now.

        Prithee, how emigrate to said wordpress my good Sir? If following you produces that, I suppose I shall eventually, but the only notifications I presently enjoy are from this vanishing site. Care to enlighten my woeful ignorance? Or am I too cheeky? *feels way too smug*


  2. How indicative of modern day life is this, hardly anyone communicates verbally anymore as they are too busy on their phones.

    Perhaps they are even texting each other as they’ve fell out and aren’t speaking?


    • Virtual relationships are almost always made of the stuff in which they exist – intangible impersonal here-one-minute-gone-the-next cyberspace.
      Young people appear withdrawn and awkward in interactive social situations.
      Do the iphone generation even notice a big beautiful sky ( off a little screen that is) ?


      • I’m sure you are right that those who are ‘glued’ to their phones never notice anything else around them.

        What a shame as there is so much to see in this beautiful, colour drenched world. It is all passing them by and one day it will be too late for them to appreciate it.


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