The Way of the Redberry – Snowy Forecast for Winter 2018 / 19

UPDATE November 2018

London Dada winter forecast 2018 – 19
The Way of the REDberry

Way of the REDberry

This years crop of blackberries are not only holding onto the branch again late into the autumn, but many are turning red, that would indicate deep snow on the ground for long periods this coming winter, as Nature’s emergency larder provision for birds and other wildlife.
The colour red stands out more strikingly than dark dots against blankets of snow and makes it easier for birds especially to spot the berries from above.

In the light of our success from November 2017 in predicting the Beast from the East in early 2018 ( see below ) who would bet against a very snowy winter this time around?
” The Way of the REDberry ”
Not our friends at the Met Office, surely! 😉 ?

Art Axis

November 15th 2018

Links to The Way of the Blackberry from winter 2017 – 18 and “Beast from the East” prediction


UPDATE 11/12/2018; The Way of the Redberry

Beast from the East may well be on its way much earlier this Winter..




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