Michael St.Mark


.. not in the least interested in creating art that doesn’t somehow enhance or go beyond the pretty picture / SFX retinal or involve an element of critical social comment, moral protest, uniqueness or innovation; however uncommercial, unpopular or unfashionable it may turn out to be

Succinct social commentator, creative innovator and a 21st C. polymath” – London Arts Review

An imagination on fire ” – Time Out

Peripatetic conceptual / experimental multi-media artist, writer, percussionist and photographer. Creative consultant & founder of London Dada under Hugo Ball’s original guiding Dada principles. Supports emerging artists of original and ethical voice

Admirer of German Dadaist John Heartfield‘s pioneering artistic genius and bravery. Echoing Marcel Duchamp in respect of not limiting himself to the purely  “retinal” or one-dimensional and by refusing to accept the standards and practices of an established and patently corrupt art system, to conventions that are still considered essential to attain fame and financial success, refusing to repeat himself or develop one recognizable style ( read creativity-compromising stymie ).

Michael St.Mark is available for media interview and art event talks during 2018

email; St.Mark@londondada.com

Michael St. Mark’s haphazard diary blog of bizarre everyday tales from his time in London from 1984 – 2006; A Town Called Hassle here




Self-portrait in the Dada Digital Mirror TM
+ (bottom) @ Merz Barn, Elterwater Cumbria

Infinitude III

When All the SFX are Done” .. it’s time for the Dada power tool of perception to dig beneath the surface in art once again.

” Thank you for reminding me that 2016 is Dada’s 100th anniversary ” –Waldemar Januszczak ( Sunday Times art critic )


Regular and past artist contributors to London Dada, 2005 – Present



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Mr Art Axis


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