London Dada public safety alert II. Smart Motorways, Genius Roadworks

Location; M1 between junctions 16 & 19 ( click to enlarge )

Highways England‘s much publicized roadworks project, “upgrading to smart motorways”,  in which the present hard shoulder is being converted into a separate traffic lane to be used during periods of congestion ( much of the time ). Emergency refuges are being created between the two junctions in case of emergencies.. but Highways England neglect to explain how they plan to deal with a vehicle breaking down between the refuges and being unable to move ( a likely common scenario ).
Is that really so smart?

More serious at the present time ( July – ? 2018 ) is Highways England‘s incredulous use of tarmac-colored steel crash barriers ( again, see above ) to protect workers engaged in various works on the hard shoulder in preparation for the smart lane.

You have to say, the choice of color to exactly match the road is not smart – it’s out and out genius. In this key safety area Highways England have well and truly excelled themselves.

As the above digital collage shows, even in clear dry conditions the barriers appear uncannily akin to an inside lane of the same road.

Why has no-one noticed, or complained about the obvious danger to life of these same-color barriers – that are being extensively used – leading to pile-ups, when less aware or tired motorists may well mistake them for another lane and veer into them, especially in bad light or wet conditions where HGV wheel spray often seriously impairs vision ahead. Perhaps “ghost lane” accidents have already occurred?

Highways England management; you are invited to immediately instigate the repainting or the addition of standout graphics to all tarmac-gray crash barriers being used in your various current and planned smart motorway upgrades, before their name becomes commonly all too tragically literal.

Michael St.Mark
July 23rd 2018


Recent compliance victory involving Highways England’s complacence in the face of urgent road safety improvements.

Compliance M25

World Cup TV Sorted ( does he Not like blue )

Defeats to France in the qualifying stages was the main reason Holland failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup..
Title refers to Graham Taylor’s England squad being beaten by the Netherlands in 1993 ” Do I not like orange”

More LD football-related posts.

World Cup 2018. Work No. 242, England Football Fan (2006 ) – 5th generation re-post

England Football Fan
( a long-running disaster )
Post ’66 Archetype
(c) Michael St.Mark 2006

( Concrete assemblage work incorporating disconnected electric fan containing three crushed and discarded lager cans, painted plastercast fanatical chav supporter face and Prozac anti-depressant capsules ) Detail EFF Close up mouth 1aEFF Prozac1a
Exhibition query or sale price of this work by private application

Please note these images are copyright; for reproduction fees please contact or link on the  London Dada website



Created in 2006 to mark England’s World Cup exit, subsequently revisited / re-posted for the 2010 World Cup2012 Euros2014 World Cup2016 Euros  ( links to associated posts )  and now the turn of  2018 World Cup in Russia. While the pay view TV & other media clean up along with sales of lager & Smart TVs hitting the jackpot, the question we have to ask ourselves is ” can England even get out of their group with World Cup penalty-misser Southgate in charge?
Can it get any worse than the FA’s blue-eyed boy plodder Hodgson era?

Updates (of doom?) tf…..

08/07/2018 After scraping through the group of minnows, they’re through to the semi-finals of a major tournament – first time since the Euros in 1990.  The media in raptures and talk of the Cup returning home.

Do we sense the hand of an unseen player called Putin about to be raised… *
UPDATE, (post Croatia game ) … in the form of the biased / paid off?  ref’ called Cuneyt Cakir ( no comment ).
* – or the foot of God ™ .…. raised


England out of the Cup and a further defeat to Belgium lands them in 4th place.


This, the final posting of ” England Football Fan” after 12 long years of post-tournament Prozac-munching by the poor short-changed fans; before its transfer to the London Dada sales catalogue.

( POA )
A recent comment on Twitter pretty well sums things up regarding the state of play of the “boot’iful game” – as well as just about everywhere else – here in uber-congested “anger land”..




Grenfell ( Greenfield) Anniversary & the Dada Green Spots of Peace

Updated post from June 2017



( #Grenfell first Anniversary Update. For 14th June 2018 )
Work No 974B; The Green Spots of Peace Rest HERE
Michael St.Mark 2018

Dada Green spots of renewal on Tate Modern stack 16th June 2016

The Dada green spots of peace synchronizing with the color green chosen on the first anniversary to symbolize the range of heartfelt emotions associated with the aftermath of the Grenfell fire that killed 71 people ( official figure only ) . A Sea of Green for Grenfell
An easily avoidable tragedy is an even more terrible tragedy ” – Michael St.Mark

In solidarity with the Grenfell survivors in their fight for justice and for those responsible by neglect to be brought to justice; 300 Dada green spots of peace, ( symbolizing roughly the official number of people living in the block, although with Ramadam there may well have been more there at the time of the fire )  scattered within the 6191 London Dada gallery, Shoreditch


by Michael St. Mark ( re-post from 2014 )

Represented by six bright green spots with one central ( unifying One-Ness ) spot.

by Michael St.Mark ( based on the founding group of Dadaists’ collective vision )

1. Radical art innovations
2. New art inventions / concepts
3. Morally-motivated art protest against corruption and injustice as well as fearless critical analysis of contemporary art
4. Perceptive societal and political commentary expressed through art.
5. Serendipity / chance or random art expressions
6. Humour ( dry, whimsical or sardonic )
7. Multimedia expressions of the One-ness of life. ( central green spot )

( The 7 tenets are ever present, often in various combinations within Dada Works )

The Dadaist is convinced of the overall connection between all entities and beings ” – Hugo Ball, father of Dada

Dada is essentially the search for a new morality” -R. Heulsenbeck, Dada co-founder


#GrenfellTower The Buck Stops Here
(c) Michael St.Mark 16/6/17

Rest In Peace all who lost their lives … a moment’s silent reflection on the extra terrible tragedy that is an easily avoidable tragedy

Work No. 974; #GrenfellTower; The Buck Stops Here
Photo montage in the Dada moral protest tradition, self-explanaTORY in light of the Grenfell Tower tragedy c/w long shameful legacy of the Conservatives changing housing law and relaxing safety legislation in order to profit their landlord and developer friends with scant concern for the millions of people forced to live in unfit or unsafe accomodation thereby.

Architect and fire expert Sam Webb said: ” We are still wrapping post-war high-rise buildings in highly flammable materials and leaving them without sprinkler systems installed, then being surprised when they burn down. I really don’t think the building industry understands how fire behaves in buildings and how dangerous it can be. Past and present Tory governments’ mania for deregulation means our current safety standards just aren’t good enough.”


Excellent article in The Guardian by Jonathan Freedland giving accurate info, background and sane analysis on Grenfell. ( double click enlarge to access the text )
” A Prime Minister who dare not meet her people is truly done for ”


Longstanding Tory deregulation links to London Dada Work No. 644; A Fitting Memorial ( 2013 )


Reproduction permissions;

Blackberries in February – sign o’ cold times ahead

UPDATE; March / April 2018

Relates to posts from Nov / December 2017 The Way of the Blackberry
( nature forearming is human society forewarned ).
London Dada vs. Met Office challenge.

Berries failing to fall from the branch, as is usual in late autumn, pointing to a severe cold spell with ground frozen = nature preparing an emergency survival larder for the birds. Yet Met Office long-term forecast for winter 2017/18 was ” average, nothing special ( low confidence.  ) ”

Update mid February 2018 ; Met Office warning of prolonged ” Beast From the East “… daytime temperatures sub zero and outlook for “blizzards across the south of England”

UPDATE Easter 2018, Beast From the East bite No. 3 ( ! ) on its way

Thomasz Schafernaker, our friend from the Met Office catching up with Nature.


” Historic disruptive cold spell “ Record-Breaking”  – words that Michael Dukes ( MetDesk @ the Guardian ) used on March 20th 2018, to describe the freakishly cold spells, or “Beast From the East” 1, 2 & now Easter predicted 3.

Absolutely no hint of this in the Met Office’s own Long Range winter forecast back in November 2017 ( see above ), but which, as artist Michael St.Mark observed, Nature herself certainly did.

VALIDATION of LONDON DADA’s severe cold prediction based on last year’s Autumn berries extremely unusually, if not uniquely, lingering on the branch well into January and beyond as Nature’s own emergency food reserve preparation to aid bird survival during the extreme cold she saw coming.

The Guardian, Weather page Overview, 20th March 2018


Links to Post; The Way of the Blackberry – a Foggitt Forecast

LONDON DADA Work No. 999; Muddle England

Muddle England
Michael St.Mark 2018


Tesco in-store Costa coffee lounge scene, January 2018;  the ageing Middle England couples’ dreams of riches and quality of life through share investments and steadfast support of the nation-wrecking Tories still evident through habitual perusal of the right-wing tabloid press.
Real life archetypes of those millions who kept Thatcher govt. in power throughout the 1980s on the promise of cheaper bread.



” Well folks, after over 12 years we’ve almost arrived at the millenium milestone of photo-oriented artorks focussed on resuscitating and revitalizing the Dada art movement along lines originally intended by its founding father, Hugo Ball….

” Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but rather it is an opportunity for true perception and criticism of the times in which we live “

Achievements to date include pointing and trending art as relevant to current times by reflecting social issues and street reality of life in the UK today and as amazingly confirmed and admitted in 2017 by Maria Balshaw as new director of Tate Modern.

After 10 years of annual campaigning, unsupported by other artists or institutions; succeeding in pressuring/shaming Tate directors into lifting the blatantly ageist Turner Prize under-50 age limit for entrants.

Wolff Olins’ London 2012 Olympic brand logo and Wilkinson Eyre architects’ basketball arena design on the Olympic Park, plagiarised both in form and concept artist Michael St.Mark’s pre-existing Infinitude II bas-relief work.

Damien Hirst’s entire recent ” Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable ” project copied both concept and title from London Dada’s 2008 photo artwork ” Logfish- an unbelievable Treasure from the Deep

Procured the first full-length genuine photograph of graffiti legend Banksy

Michael St.Mark
London N.




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Winter walkies…

…when parks become bog traps for all but intepid trawlermen in thigh-high waders..and your dogs behaving like seal pups by pretending they’re one step backward in evolution again.

Links to 2011 Work ” Winter Woodland Walkies – the Chase “, by Dingo