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Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by the WEF and Bill Gates and all of these mega-billionaires the same way that COVID was exploited—to use it as an excuse to clamp down top-down totalitarian controls.

  • Robert Kennedy Jnr.
  • ” It looks as if, with Russia, the WEF & its western affiliates’ global expansionism towards totalitarianism has hit a brick wall.”
  • The war is a glaring mistake; men are being confused with machines ” – Hugo Ball, 1916
  • ” The West’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is a glaring mistake; men are being sacrificed to maintain an astonishing money-laundering racket that threatens the entire world with nuclear destruction.” – Michael St.Mark, May 2023

( From 2011 ) Television screenshot of an injured and captured mercenary from the Libyan town of Misrata. Part of a rebel army unit that had been shelling civilian areas and sniping from rooftops at anything that moved. Here pictured wounded ( & shot in the foot to prevent escape ) with a wad of Gaddafi’s blood money ironically now soaked with his own blood; he admits to piece work – paid per person he shot..

  ( “I have wife and hungry children to feed, what else could I do“? ).

The Work relates to the increasingly common mentality of ” I don’t care about anyone else just so long as I’m doing ok ”  and how it is inexorably destroying the social fabric of the entire world – this being a particularly archetypal example – along with the camp guard, the arms dealer, the drug dealer, the abattoir worker, the rogue banker & multi corporation executive, the Tory health minister.. and now *CORONA UPDATE 2023 – our silent doctors, bought-off politicians and complicit media, in the light of an epidemic of non covid-related excess deaths.

* 2020 is witnessing a global power grab away from the world’s 99% by the 1% in the guise of protecting them from a bug that,  taking into account the average excess seasonal mortality average over the previous 5 years, was ( * 2022 update )  no more harmful than the seasonal flu.
Needless fear-mongering and outright lies as means of controlling the masses are rife by corrupt governments and global main media corporations.
The above “bottom line” image, now more than ever represents an accurate metaphor to describe most journalists, doctors, scientists and politicians, being directly or indirectly in the pay of the mega wealthy’s agenda of mass control.

  • March 2023.
    Isabel Oakeshott confirms the farcically disrespectful psychosis that resulted in misery, forced separation from loved ones and needless death for thousands across the country, that was playing out behind the scenes at the diseased heart of government during the 2021/22, covid years. Matt Hancock exposed here

This seminal piece is being promoted alongside final London Dada Work 1002, our Featured page on this site, as well as on Twitter, Flikr and Facebook .

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Twitter Thread, March 2023. Suggesting a way forward from this apparently intractable problem, by using the same blunt tool of financial persuasion as the corrupt elites are employing in order to achieve their nefarious ends – instead, offering substantial support to insider expert and qualified whistleblowers in return for their brave actions in exposing the charade that is the” W.E.F. Great Reset” ( the great imposition of in-essence mass slavery )

Requires a globally-organized response in terms of billions in donations towards what is ultimately a battle for the survival of human freedoms and of advancing enlightened civilization.




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In the outrageously true spirit of Dada..

Six Career Artists in creative stasis ( as by the necessary ambition they must become ) aspire to greatness
© Michael St.Mark 2022

Unspoken conditions that greatly help in becoming a recognized art great in the early 21st C; such as the right people to crawl / fawn to and golden rules to be rigorously followed.

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A Cure for Contemporary Art

& Work No. 253 from 2006
Six Solid Ghosts / e11even Solid Ghosts, featuring the plagiarism of Xan Padron

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Addendum 2019. Work No. 1002; Look Closer, the Truth’s there Somewhere


Entranced / Look Closely, the Truth’s there Somewhere
© Art Axis  2019

Featuring the actual inside page of the June 6th edition of the Daily Mail

Entering the third decade of the new millennium, the UK is patently witnessing end-times for the few remaining vestiges of news reporting accuracy and balance within its mainstream media. Those in the industry, charged with delivering authentic news and current affairs to the public, are having their training and hard-won skillsets inexorably undermined and compromised.
Hampered from honest reporting by corrupt print and television media-owning plutocrats, many a serious journalist lives in fear of career limitation or even termination by presenting accurately stories and events that happen to be politically or financially inconvenient to those already fiscally well-situated and in positions of power.
Acting under masks of unbiased neutrality, those few who succeed with promotion to mainstream media eminence are invariably enabled by dint of genuine or feigned allegiance to the aims and ambitions of that powerful elite; thus perpetuating an insidious system of subtle propaganda that has in the past soft-soaped the population into accepting stringent financial impositions, restrictions and even illegal war as absolute necessities.

Links to Work 999 from 2018; ” Muddle England

Dada; being initially a literary expression of war protest is well represented through this image – an accurate photographic metaphor of the times we live in.

Going forward, the way out from this long-standing media-maintained impasse is through the individual engaging with his innate human potential for true perception, as against blindly accepting increasingly tiresome external impositions of reality.
” When a lie is seen as a lie, the false as false; in that very perception is reality, truth ”
M. St.M
Shoreditch, London, 2020

* Coronavirus update June 2020
Please see uniquely psychologically relevant Work No 454 from 2011

  • Coronavirus update May 2021; a whistle-blowing journalist speaks out via UK Column
  • Screen save from London Dada Twitter feed, June 2021


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