Work No. 398; A Theresa Triptych; Dada digital de-construct

* Update
December 2018, the signs of deep dishonesty were there early on


A Triptych of Theresas – a Dada digital deconstruct.
© Michael St.Mark 2010

Theresa May, the new Home Secretary and responsible for responsible policing, finds it all part of the job to turn a blind eye to the IPCC again and again, finding no case to answer against officers who have assaulted and even murdered innocent members of the public.
Overseeing a broken society, in which the sole reason crime figures ever decrease is because the public know it’s pointless reporting burglary, minor assault, vandalism and even rape.

Latest in the series. May in progressive digital deconstruct, illustrating the twisted and pernicious reality behind the corrupt politician-in-power’s public mask smile.

M. St.M

691 article… A Pixelated Art Director.

Tate Modern director Nick Serota holds forth on the “artistic merit ” of what appears to be another
odorous pile of elephant dung


Tate turbine hall1
….whilst turning Tate Modern into a Butlins’esque fairground, taking the public for a cheap shot “art” ride.
M St.M


Work 397 Night Slug

slug 2010
Night Slug 
c. Dingo 2010

There is a cheeky slug that slimes its way into Lady Dingo’s hallway in the small hours; does
a circuit of sorts of silvery-trailed investigation before climbing the first stair before retreating
back to its little home – the dank crack between the floorboards and the doorstep.

Each morn’ a new shiny track is evidenced winding nonchalently over the previous day’s swept
carpet…. but he is never ever caught in the act.

This morning was unusually unusual. …the 2 uncollected junk mail Pizza flyers that had lain
there from the evening before had been partially eaten – nay ravaged –  by night slug….
toleave an almost perfect semi-circle of slug munch !

Tonight the good DaDist Dingo has left a lettace leaf out.

And tomorrow we will see !

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New DaDaist Dingo

– ” Seeing the extra in the ordinary”  TM
– ” Putting the extra in the ordinary”  TM


London Dada Work No. 396; Barn Door Light ( Pts 1 – 3 )

Barn Door Light

c. 2010 Michael St.Mark

Barn Door Light  ( widescreen )

Barn Door Light ( abstraction )

* NB. London Dada work 396 is available as a triptych of photographic prints or individually, mounted & framed to client specifications and signed by the artist.

Barn Door light
Fig 1.   A Barn Door light.

Work 394. Digitally Deconstructing the BBC Newsreader

Fiona Bruce DD
BBC Newsreader Digital Deconstruct
c. Michael St. Mark 2010

The BBC newsreader and moralistic sellout ( an unspoken prerequisite ) Fiona Bruce, who along with  George Alagiah; is one of the more dedicated and enthusiastic purveyors of pernicious untruths within the westeren Mainstream Media . Well able to casually and without trace of emotion or hint of question, recite and tot up the daily slaughter toll of soldiers and civilians in an illegal, pointless and unwinnable war… then move swiftly and cheerfully on to the next piece of biased propagandist sludge scrolling down the British Brainwash Corporation’s London newsroom prompter.
Under Dada digital deconstruct, we glimpse the twisted lies, selective edits, double talk and half-truths that issue daily from her sugar-coated bought-off corporate lips.
Pass the sick bag Auntie.

M St.M.


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                                                                         UPDATE; April 2014

The Warhol Museum has recently received a set of images, doodles, and photos created by the seminal pop artist on a Commodore Amiga home computer. The artworks, made by Warhol as part of a collaboration with Commodore Amiga, had been stranded on Amiga floppy disks for almost twenty years after the artist saved them in the mid-1980s. They were only discovered and rescued from their obsolete format thanks to the chance viewing of a YouTube clip.… ( links Here )

The video of Warhol’s forays into Amiga art piqued the interest of new media artist Cory Arcangel. In 2011, Arcangel contacted Tina Kukielski, a curator at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Together, they asked Matt Wrbican, the Warhol Museum’s chief archivist, if they could search for files on the artist’s disks. They were also connected to the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Club, a group, as the Warhol Museum notes, known for its collection of “obsolete computer hardware” and its “prize-winning retro-computing software development.”

“The images included doodles and experiments with Warhol’s existing works”

The images they found include doodles, photographs, and experiments with Warhol’s existing artworks. One image is a crude recreation of his world-famous Campbell’s soup can, its proportions skewed and its colors drawn in scratchy, MS Paint-esque lines. Another piece is a three-eyed doodle on a pre-rendered version of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. ” ( below)
warhol birth of venus

from 2010, the year before Arcangel allegedly discovered tge above; London Dada Work No 361; “Digitally Deconstructing the BBC Newsreader”, by Michael St.Mark, featuring a pixellated 3-eyed TV screenshot of Fiona Bruce ( top of page )

warhol digital soup can

The retrieved soupcan Amiga doodle, this time with the Artist’s digital signiture – why doesn’t a signiture also appear on his alleged ” Birth of Venus” Work? And where is the standard green Amiga info strip that should be at top of the image?
Could the Venus Work possibly be a fake, engineered by Cory, Matt Wrbican; and Tina Kukielski, and inspired by the latter-day Dada three-eyed Fiona Bruce image? Was the Warhol signiture perhaps too difficult to replicate on the Venus image; instead a most un-Warhol-like impersonal AH motif added in its stead?

You decide, as they say….


Loosely related Dada Work, the first-ever pixellation of an old masterpiece into a new appropriated artwork;
Mona Pixelisa  ( 2013 )