Work No. 398; A Theresa Triptych; Dada digital de-construct

* Update
December 2018, the signs of deep dishonesty were there early on


A Triptych of Theresas – a Dada digital deconstruct.
© Michael St.Mark 2010

Theresa May, the new Home Secretary and responsible for responsible policing, finds it all part of the job to turn a blind eye to the IPCC again and again, finding no case to answer against officers who have assaulted and even murdered innocent members of the public.
Overseeing a broken society, in which the sole reason crime figures ever decrease is because the public know it’s pointless reporting burglary, minor assault, vandalism and even rape.

Latest in the series. May in progressive digital deconstruct, illustrating the twisted and pernicious reality behind the corrupt politician-in-power’s public mask smile.

M. St.M

691 article… A Pixelated Art Director.

Tate Modern director Nick Serota holds forth on the “artistic merit ” of what appears to be another
odorous pile of elephant dung


Tate turbine hall1
….whilst turning Tate Modern into a Butlins’esque fairground, taking the public for a cheap shot “art” ride.
M St.M