New Dada work 413. Guild of Cracked Artists 2 – Pablo Picasso

The Guild of Cracked Artists 2 – Pablo Picasso
c. 2010 M. St.Mark

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Second in the series; deconstructing images of well-known artists and repackaging for public consumption as works of art in their own right.

Available as a hand-finished inkjet print 4″ X 12″

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The New Dada mind-opener – preliminary study

dada mind opener study1-1

New Dada Mind-opener – study 1, Poppy Coral CPU

Fresh video project  to create a new genre within DaDart TM  whose object is to purge the human mind
of media conditioning through progressive doors of visual and literary meditations.

Suggested theme of the New Dada Mind-opener ;

When we understand what has no real value we will experience what is Real

– M St.M   October 2010

London Dada Work 411 – The Guild of Cracked Artists 1

cracked artist2

The Guild of Cracked Artists 1.
c. Art Axis 2010

First in a new series of deconstructed images of  well-known artists, to become unique semi-abstract works in their own right.
GOCA 1 – Damien Hirst

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Available in a limited edition of ten differently hand-finished inkjet prints  12″ X 5″ ,  POA.

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Work No. 410, My Beautiful Life


my beautiful lifeMy Beautiful Life
c. Michael St.Mark 2009


What a glorious year it was – up to my neck in bliss, all my friends coming back to me.

Hatfield industrial park access road
Image rendered in LOmO IM style

To be released for purchase/investment in signed edition print form, 2016