Works No. 863 & 863a : Don’t Just Do it, Bulldoze & Crush it / Search B&Q Kitchens

“Don’t Just Do it, Bulldoze & Crush it ”
Michael St.Mark 2016

Search B & Q Kitchens

Search B & Q Kitchens
Michael St.Mark 2016

B & Q DIY and home-improvement superstore in mid-demolition.
Whetstone, N. London.

Minimalism killed the DIY store

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Work No. 862; The Watcher II

The Watcher II
The Watcher II
Michael St.Mark 2016

Retired lifesize Ronald McDonald languishing somewhat sinister in an upstairs storeroom above a McDonalds restaurant. Harrow, London. We’re not sure if it’s true, but there are stories circulating that some abattoir workers in the UK are wearing Ronald  McDonald clown masks as they slaughter cattle ” for laughs” *

the watcher origin

Origin / derivation image


Second in the series; links to Work No 199; The Watcher ( 2006 )
Links to Work No. 297 from 2007 ” Everything Has its Place..”

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* Update Oct. 11th
Strange serendipity the clown-with-knife etc craze suddenly sweeping the “civilized world”. This from yesterday’s Jewish Chronic…. er Evening Standard.


London Dada Work No. 861; The Lean Mean LA Extortion Machine

Denizen of darkness 3
.The Lean Mean Local Authority Extortion Machine / Denizen of Darkness II
Michael St.Mark 2016


Another in the LD series featuring our ever so kind and cuddly pavement-patrolling trigger-happy ticket-slapping parking fine parasites who seem to take great pleasure from ruining motorists’ days by punishing even petty violations of parking regulations that are often in themselves patently unfair.
They’ve got no sole” – M. St.M


Links back to ” Little Hitler ” ( 2011 ) & ” Denizen of Darkness 1 ” ( 2006)

Work No. 859; “Font of Empty” – the Triumph of Capitalism over Altruism

font of plenty 1
‘Font of Empty’ – The Triumph of Capitalism over Altruism
c. Michael St.Mark 2016


Found defunct Victorian public water fountain serving as a disposal shelf for empty drinks cans and paper coffee cups; exterior St.Pancras station London NW1

Built in the admirable spirit of community service, now an obsolete, forgotten, neglected and abused relic in an age of unashamed yet ultimately doomed individual pursuit of happiness, often at the expense of others, through material means.


font of plenty 2








Dada is essentially the search for a new morality ” – Richard Huelsenbeck


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Work No. 858; Rembrandt as He Was

Creating a mirror image of the classic Rembrandt Self-portrait with two circles, created C.1665 – 9 thus reversing the original image of the painting that the artist made using a mirror, an approximation is gained of how the artist actually appeared at the time.
Second in the series



rembrandt photographic















Images of the original self-portraits ( click to enlarge)


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London Dada Work No. 857: Van Gogh as He Was ( triptych )

First in a new “artists as they were” London Dada concept series depicting iconic artists of the previous centuries as close as is possible to how they appeared to others at the time, through creating mirror images of their self-portraits that were themselves all made using mirrors thus reversing back to close to how they appeared at the time of making the portrait.

Mirror images of three of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous self-portraits, reversing the original mirror images that the artist used to create the Works; the subtle difference thereby gained giving a fascinating new view of the artist that is as close as possible without the benefit of a photograph at time of sitting to his actual appearance and how others saw him at that time.
* Notes. Van Gogh severed his left ear; in the third of the triptych the bandaged ear is now on the correct side.

Vincent Van GoghVincent Van GoghVincent Van Gogh

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Reproductions of the original Van Gogh self-portraits ( click to enlarge)

vangogh2van goghVangough1

Van Gogh photographic









Digitally processed version of Van Gogh as He Was.
Image rendered in filtered monochrome and softened to subdue Van Gogh’s staccato paint application and bring out a photographic feel to the image.

Artist advisory