Work No. 786; Austerity special; George Osporn

Austerity special; George Osporn
   c. Art Axis 2015

Focal colour-altered image with unique slogan
( Original features unchanged )
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Work No 785, Beware Corporate America Bearing Gifts

Beware Americans Bearing Gifts
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Dressed manequins, mens’ fashion, John Lewis WGC
Faceless unaccountable corporate chiefs stateside may well soon – entirely without cross-party or public consultation – be handed power on a plate by the Conservatives, over Britain’s commercial laws and finances to the fiscal and environmental detriment of the population; leading inexorably to wholesale privatisation of the NHS ( plc) , a fracking free-for-all, GM crops ubiquitous UK-wide and all public services privatized and run by Cameron’s TTIP corporate cronies, using forced zero hours / nil rights contract labour (read slave ) scraping by on subsistence pay cynically dressed-up as ‘the living wage’.

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Further valuable info on TTIP


Work No 783; Road to Everywhere II

Road to Everywhere; a meditation
  c. Michael St.Mark 2015

WW2 access road,  Camber, E. Sussex.
Second in the series ( summer version )
Don’t let me hear you say life’s taking you nowhere ” – D. Bowie
” As ego compulsion is worn to nothing on the long drag of life’s hard knocks, we enter and become one with
the Everywhere and Everything
” – M. St.Mark
.Available in signed edition of 25 fine art prints on Ilford Pearl
23″ W x 18″ H
£400 ( unframed)
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Work No. 782; Sea Change

Sea Change
  c. Michael St.Mark 2015

E. Sussex coast with dilapidated defences, inexorably degraded in their purpose of preserving the status quo coastline and holding back the irresistable force of the sea over time. Posted to coincide with the current sea change occurring in British politics, connected to an increasing tide of public protest against the enforced imposition of a brutal system that dehumanises and impoverishes the common man in order to favor the corporate-connected and priviliged few.
Digitally enhanced through three fine-tuned PS processes.
Signed edition of 25 LightJet fine art prints on Kodak Pro Endura
23″W x 18″H
£400 ( unframed )

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Work No. 781; " Danger’ness B ". In the Service and the Pay of Aliens

In the Service and in the Pay of Aliens; ” Danger-ness B “
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Workers’ car park,  Dungerness nuclear power station, Kent.
The energy cake worth the taxpayer-funded candle?

Beset by expensive major design flaws and frequent safety closures since its opening in the 1970s, safety margins on the graphite core in Dungerness B were just last year given the go-ahead by the Office for Nuclear Regulation ( The Government, effectively ) to be increased by a whopping 30%, on the request of the French company EDF, in order to extend the life of the reactor ( & their massive risk-free profits ) until 2023; ostensibly to fill the expected gap in UK energy supply after 2018 until  the new generation of nuclear plower plants are expected to come on-grid.
However, concerns are growing about the unsettling similarity to safety compromises ordered at Sellafield ( then Windscale ) nuclear plant in Cumbria in the 1950s that resulted in a radioactive fire that burned uncontrolled for three days, releasing massive amounts of airborne nuclear contamination and fallout across the UK and Europe ( covered-up at the time ) and which came close
to triggering a catastrophic Fukushima type explosion.
Political expediency before public safety yet again?

Danger at Dungerness article here

Windscale fire info 


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Work No. 780, "Better than Sex"

Better than Sex
c. Michael St.Mark, 08.08.2015


Marking the first day of the new football season. Comment on the time-honoured boast by many pro’ players.


A2 photo montage, comprising newspaper cuttings of men and women footballers’ quasi-orgasmic post goal-scoring
celebrations; including Diego Costa, Phillipp Lahan, Kris Commons, Sergio Ramos, Jose Reyes, Graziano Pelle, Olivier Giroud,
Theo Walcott, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Adam Lallana ..and the inspirational manager, er, Dick Advocat.

Hand-finished in fine line ink pen

One worldwide.
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Work No. 779; Slurry Tank Summer II

  Slurry Tank Summer II
  c. Dingo 2015

Near J23, M25 Hertfordshire

Second in the series, with a gap of 4 years that has seen the tank weather and decay further into the landscape.

( Linkback to Slurry Tank Summer 1 )

Artist Dingo;  ” Seeing / Putting the Extra in the Ordinary ” TM


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