London Dada Work No. 311: Sunstruck

” Sunstruck “
Michael St.Mark 2007

Seafront , Morecambe Lancs


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Sunrise over Infinituide II

Sunrise over Infinitude II
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Infinitude II – where would the London Olympics 2012 Logo be without it.
Infinitude II (crop)
Cropped segment from Infinitude II, demonstrating colour variation and shadow as an integral part of the design concept.


Olympics logouolympics

As with the pre-dated ( Jan ’06 ) Infinitude II, the London Olympics logo ( June ’07, cost £400,000 by Wolff Olins brand consultants )evolves to many different versions in terms of variety of colour and shadow. .
The jagged emblem, based on the date 2012, comes in a series of shades of pink, blue, green and orange and will evolve in the run-up to the Games.” – Wolff Olins

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