Introducing Miss Von Trapp – a dadaistic diamond. "Nobody Mourns a Fish"..

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Gifted singer, musician and rare perceptive wit, the artist Miss Von Trapp deserves appreciation.
Here, three recent pearls from a rather grand ocean of quirk.
An exceptional talent.

‘Nobody Mourns a Fish’
c. Miss Von Trapp 2012

A delightful musical ode to Jack the Ripper, c. MVT


The Scream / Every Mummy’s Nightmare
( Disney etch-a-sketch pad with Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” impression )
c. Miss Von Trapp 2012

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London Dada Work 576; Logpecker


Dingo 2012

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After a day of scratching and scrabbling, London Dadaist Dingo yet again discovered a new species previously considered extinct by Darwinian evolutionists – the elusive Logpecker ( Picidaeous loggous), along with its fossilized chick to left picture.
In 2008 Dingo salvaged its genetic cousin, the long lost Logfish ( loggous fishous extraordinarious ), link here.


Dingo – ” Putting/Seeing the Extra in the Ordinary” TM



London Dada Work 575; The Astral Possibility of Life in the Mind of Someone Dead

Astral possibility of life
The Astral Possibility of Life in the Mind of Someone Dead ( after DH )

( Empty shop window glass pane holding no reflection of the observer c/w headless mannequin, Canterbury Kent. )
Michael St.Mark 2010


Q. ” How will I know if I’m dead”?
A. ” You look in a mirror.. and there’s no reflection.”

Signed Lightjet print on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth 380gm paper;
26″ X 30″
£1,850 ( unframed )

( After Damien Hirst. Click on the image to enlarge )

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the mind of Someone living.
Damien Hirst, 1991

LONDON DADA work 574; The Politician’s Word

The con mens' game.
The Politician’s Word
c. Michael St.Mark 2012


In a world of many different shades of gray
do we believe what we see – or in what they say?

Do we believe what they say – or in what they do?


( click to enlarge )

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London Dada work 573; A Rubbish Christmas

This langishing, pointless nether time
betwixt Christmas and New Year

Like that forgotten little stretch of skin
between genitals and rear


A Rubbish Christmas

c. Michael St. Mark 2012

Social commentary Work on the uber materialistic, wasteful residue of the festive season along with the now almost complete divorce from its traditional Christian association. The image, depicting business suit and cashpoint exiting stage left, leaves the rubbish collection in its uncaring wake. Landfill sites across the nation get an extra big small fir tree and present / food packaging dump, post Boxing Day.
The sewers, needless to say, are taking a hammering from oil tanker volumes of human discharge after millions of marathon alcohol quaffing and dead bird & animal-devouring sessions.
The title hints at the miserable (rubbish) time endured by many single and elderly socially isolated people from Dec 24th through to New Year, when taking to bed for the week may well appear the prefered option.

The Dada refrain ” What is becoming of us?” rears up once again.

London Dada Work No. 572; Androgynous Cafe Dreamer ( trapped )

Androgynous Cafe Dreamer ( trapped )
/ They who have seen the light IX
c. Michael St.Mark 2012


( click through the chairs to enter her? world )

Available as a signed edition of 25 fine art giclee Lightjet prints on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth 380gm paper;
17″ X 20″ print size + 2″ margins
£450 ( unframed )


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London Dada work 571; Pictures at an Exhibition/The Large Glass II

Hayward Gallery
Pictures at an Exhibition / The Large Glass II
( Million man ready-made)
Dada-appropriated public work in progress, Bermondsey.
c. by Dingo 2012

( To enlarge the gallery click on the image.)

large glass 560px-duchamp_glass
Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass (progressive Dada work through 1915-1923 )