NeW dAdA work 350, Untitled, by Jack Frost




c. Jack Frost 2009
( Temporary work, water ice freize on car roof )
Series of three images, shot and cropped by MSt.M.
For sale under general New Dada terms, see first Archive post for details.

(Click on Jack’s overnight handiwork to marvel at his intricate dadaistic artistic sensibility 😉 )

Work No. 348: Brain of Britain (+ 2017 update)

Brain of Britain
c. Michael St.Mark 2005/8

Circa. 8m x  3m area of limestone pavement having undergone extreme rain water erosion
over millennia to form deep “grykes” leaving outstanding “clints”.
( Yorkshire Dales


2017 Update / Redux

London dAdA work no. 345.. EWE Frozen Fish mix

Extreme Weather ( snow )  Event – frozen (Michael) Fish mix
c. Michael St.Mark 2009

Photo montage of Carol Kirkwood with BBC garden snowman, taken from a TV screenshot during the early morning Breakfast news of February 3rd 2009.

Relates to the the extreme snow event of that day and harking back to Michael Fish’s  ” don’t worry there isn’t ” ( a  Hurricaine on the way ) infamous quote, made the day before the “great storm”  hurricaine of October 1987 that caused extensive structural damage to properties and damged or felled a large proportion of trees across souhern England

Photomontage & ink on paper, derived from giclee print of TV screenshot.

Available as x 50 signed edition Lightjet prints 12″ x 7″ on Kodak Pro Endura
£ 350 ( unframed )

Signed original offered for sale, price £2850


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