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Welcome to 691, the 21stC. Dada online journal of the missing UK expression of the Dada movement – the foundation stone of all modern art.

Dedicated to re-aligning art back to its original class-less, pretentious-less roots outwith the establishment museum/gallery relics that the public blindly accept as defining what art is.

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Work 264; The Lost Art of Communication

Lost Art of Communication
c. Michael St.Mark 2006
( This work for display on a PC monitor )


10 years on, the original Work imitated by Twitter user @puddingforbrains ..

plagiarising pudding for brains.. coincidentally seen and explored further by the talented actor, writer and broadcaster Miranda Keeling;

miranda keeling

London Dada;  ” kickstARTing the 21st C. ”
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Work 263 – Combating Global Autumn.

Combating Global Autumn
c. Michael St.Mark 2005

Back in the days before the frequently banded-about term”Global Warming” was replaced with the more convenient, vague and easily defended ” Climate Change” by the media under instruction from IPCC climate scientists ; the image was procured not merely as a surreal juxtaposition of the domestic and the urban and a play on words, but as a prompt to look into the subject of impossibility and to demonstrate nations’ half-hearted efforts to control the planet’s climate and eco system by limiting CO2 emissions, into stark perspective.


London Dada Work 262; Alien Watch 2

Alien Watch II
(TV Screenshot)
(c) Michael St.Mark 2006

The head is clear because the heart is closed.

The Rt. Hon William “Bonny bouncer” Hague MP.
Television image, coldly discussing the Iraq war bloodbath, which he himself voted for in 2003.

Appearing a rather benign alien, William nevertheless shows all the classic symptoms of originating from the topmost league of planets in far-flung space where there is hardly a trace of capacity for compassion for, or empathy with, others.
Perception reveals here we have an emotionally and spiritually bereft and disabled being, far from realizing full human potential and using his intellectual might for selfish ends in the guise of altruism

Work 261, Ship of Fools, posted

Ship of fools
Ship of Fools
Photograph by Carla Aguiar, c. 2006.

This scultpture works well on different levels, ranging from child-like wonder and delight at the scale of the paper boat construction in itself, through the rather surreal and preposterous positioning of such a huge origami vessel into a small garden pond; to an invitation to question our preoccupation with absorbing the mental concoctions of the media in the formation of a flimsy and temporal paper boat “reality”, when all around is such vibrancy of colour, beauty and depth of space.


DADA YOW !, posted by

Have a cyber wander over the pond to ponder the wondres of a Dada/absurdist plot to topple the world’s governments. DADA YOW ! our bombastic DaAaistic brothers Stateside.
A labyrinthine juxtaposition of all manner of mashed-up sanity and lunacy.

justynn tyme portrait primary colours
Portrait primary colours.
Copyright Justynn Tyme.
Dada yow elsewhere Experience by Charles c. Goff III
Elsewhere Experience 12
c. Charles C. Goff III