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Welcome to 691, the 21stC. Dada online journal of the missing UK expression of the Dada movement – the foundation stone of all modern art.

Dedicated to re-aligning art back to its original class-less, pretentious-less roots outwith the establishment museum/gallery relics that the public blindly accept as defining what art is.

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Work 264; The Lost Art of Communication

Lost Art of Communication
c. Michael St.Mark 2006
( This work for display on a PC monitor )


10 years on, the original Work imitated by Twitter user @puddingforbrains ..

plagiarising pudding for brains.. coincidentally seen and explored further by the talented actor, writer and broadcaster Miranda Keeling;

miranda keeling

London Dada;  ” kickstARTing the 21st C. ”
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Work 263 – Combating Global Autumn.

Combating Global Autumn
c. Michael St.Mark 2005

Back in the days before the frequently banded-about term”Global Warming” was replaced with the more convenient, vague and easily defended ” Climate Change” by the media under instruction from IPCC climate scientists ; the image was procured not merely as a surreal juxtaposition of the domestic and the urban and a play on words, but as a prompt to look into the subject of impossibility and to demonstrate nations’ half-hearted efforts to control the planet’s climate and eco system by limiting CO2 emissions, into stark perspective.