Work No. 887; A Matter of Time ( THC VII )

|A matter of time
A Matter of Time ( THC VII )
Michael St.Mark 2016

Latest in our long-running The Human Condition series; now a trending genre in the art mainstream.

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THC links to Work No.715, from 2015

Work No. 886; Landline World Square

Landline World ( squared )

Landline World (square)

Michael St.Mark 2016

( The outlook for analogue, a walking stick future )
Square-cropped photographic image looking through a street payphone box relic; Sloane Square, London W2

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Subject matter links to Works No.215, Analogue Relic, from 2005
& Work 739; Last Refuge, from 2013

Works No. 885; Last Light / An Autumn Statement

last lightlastlight2a

Last Light / An Autumn Statement ( photo diptych )
Michael St.Mark 2016

Signed edition of 10  fine art print pairs mounted vertically as per above;
Signed & artist’s thumb mark on verso
Overall size 30″ X 16″

£500 ( unframed )

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