The Emperor’s New Spots

Every Little Assistant Helps
Every Little Assistant Helps ( readymade ‘homage’ to Damien )
c. Art Axis 2012

£2.89 schoolkids’ wired notebook cover from a well-known large supermarket retail outlet mounted in a passe partout hardwood frame.
250 mm x 337mm ( incl. frame )

( One worldwide.  POA. )

From an original Hirst. Spot the difference

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Spots freed

Where could the great man have noticed those 3 “innovations” before?

TURNER protest spots leaflet
London Dada’s 2016 Turner Prize protest leaflet + freed spots image, as featured online here


Ever wondered where the world’s wealthiest artist gets his inspiration?
Take a peek at the creative source material and overall concept Hirst blatantly & shamelessly stole for his recent ” Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable ” show.


“Everybody goes, did you actually paint them? I don’t know why that’s important in art.

“If you live in a Frank Gehry house, it’s not important to you that he laid the bricks.

And I see myself more like a kind of architect in the way that I make things, than a painter, even if I’m making paintings.

– Damien Hirst, March 2018


The problem for Hirst – not that he cares – is that as with Treasures.., he’s now not even the architect – having stolen the entire original concept, the title and presentation mode of his Venetian show hook line and sinker, along with the usual employing of talented craftsmen forced beforehand to sign away any public claim to having made the objects in connection with Hirst.

So that leaves the wealthiest artist in the world defined as little more than a common thief, bereft of artistic merit – a 1 trick parrot squawking and hopping around in a bent cage called the international art market that he’s made his world, which comprises the only people on the planet who somehow overlook the obvious and flatter a dullard’s crude plagiarism to the heavens – but then only on the basis that it enriches them financially one way or another to so do.

Perhaps the man may be at least dimly aware of that by now..
M. St.M