London Dada work 602. Gregg’s Girl

Greggs Girl
c. Michael St,Mark 2012

We’ve not stretched the picture in Photoshop and we’re definitely not poking fun; on the contrary someone, somewhere must start speaking out against the insane propaganda,  the gigantic lie, being perpetrated on the poor unthinking masses by the corrupt Food Industry in cahoots with government, in peddling highly addictive and highly fat-creating refined (high) carbohydrate foods – knowing full well they are creating a nation of obese cripples and diabetic food junkies.

The true Dadaist  artist comments perceptively and fearlessly critically on the times in which he lives – Hugo Ball, co-founder DADA, 1916
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.. if there are any artists with any social conscience anywhere ( & we’re starting to doubt there are any) , get in touch with London Dada for collaboarative ventures, at
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Work 601, Driptych – UK bank holiday special.


c. Michael St.Mark 2012

A London Dada bank holiday special.
Belsize Park NW3.

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C4 News this evening, 11th May, just 3 days on from publication of the above LD work. A photo shot through a windscreen with raindrops in focus and with out-of-focus person holding an umbrella featured behind.
Of course, even though that particular configuration of 3 aspects photo is unique to above London Dada work, still, the photographer concerned will say its pure co-incidence – strange thing is, they always do

The dapper Krishnan GM with nicked backdrip image.

Work 600. The Best Dadaists

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The Best Dadaists


….. >               A D V E R T I S E    T H E     L E A S T


c. 2012 Michael St.Mark

Re-post from ’06…. " Drought "


c. Michael St. Mark

Gone all topical again; the eternal conundrum of floods floods everywhere but not a drop to ..hose the lawn.
( Overflow at Derwent reservoir dam, Peak District )

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