London Dada Work No. 602; Gregg’s Girl

Greggs Girl
c. Michael St,Mark 2012

We’ve not stretched the picture in Photoshop and we’re definitely not poking fun; on the contrary people with moral spine and influence must start speaking out against the insane propaganda – the gigantic lie – being perpetrated on the poor unthinking masses by the corrupt Food Industry in cahoots with government, in peddling highly addictive and highly fat-creating refined (high) carbohydrate foods – knowing full well they are creating a nation of obese cripples and T2 diabetic food junkies.

The true Dadaist  artist comments perceptively and fearlessly critically on the times in which he lives – Hugo Ball, co-founder DADA, 1916
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Link back to Work 29 from 2005; The Persistence of Addiction

Artists with social conscience are invited to get in touch with St. Mark at London Dada with a view towards future collaborative ventures
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Work 601, Driptych – UK bank holiday special.

“A Bank Holiday Driptych”

c. Michael St.Mark 2012

A London Dada bank holiday special.
Belsize Park NW3.

( Click to enlarge the fun )

C4 News this evening, 11th May, just 3 days on from publication of the above LD work. A photo 1. shot through a windscreen with 2. raindrops in focus and with 3. out-of-focus person holding an umbrella featured behind.
Of course, even though that particular configuration of 3 aspects photo is unique to above London Dada work, still, the C4 snapper concerned will say its pure co-incidence – strange thing is, they always do

The dapper Krishnan GM with niftily nicked backdrip image.

Work 600. The Best Dadaists

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The Best Dadaists


….. >               A D V E R T I S E    T H E     L E A S T


c. 2012 Michael St.Mark