Work 601, Driptych – UK bank holiday special.

“A Bank Holiday Driptych”

c. Michael St.Mark 2012

A London Dada bank holiday special.
Belsize Park NW3.

( Click to enlarge the fun )

C4 News this evening, 11th May, just 3 days on from publication of the above LD work. A photo 1. shot through a windscreen with 2. raindrops in focus and with 3. out-of-focus person holding an umbrella featured behind.
Of course, even though that particular configuration of 3 aspects photo is unique to above London Dada work, still, the C4 snapper concerned will say its pure co-incidence – strange thing is, they always do

The dapper Krishnan GM with niftily nicked backdrip image.

3 thoughts on “Work 601, Driptych – UK bank holiday special.

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  2. Oh yes Mike, they will always claim co-incidence when 99% of the time it must surely be a ‘thinly veiled’ copy of your work. It must be ever more frustrating for you that people think they have a right to ‘steal’ your brilliant ideas and claim them as there own.

    if a so called professional can’t come up with their own ideas then it’s time they gave up, i hope they can sleep at night!


    • These thieving bar stewards, Wolff Olins among them as we know, are totally unscrupulous operators Anne. It’s worse than theft actually because when challenged they never admit influence even – instead they often demean their source as deluded or paranoid whilst claiming all the credit for their cheap shot parody.


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