London Dada Work No. 602; Gregg’s Girl

Greggs Girl
c. Michael St,Mark 2012

We’ve not stretched the picture in Photoshop and we’re definitely not poking fun; on the contrary people with moral spine and influence must start speaking out against the insane propaganda – the gigantic lie – being perpetrated on the poor unthinking masses by the corrupt Food Industry in cahoots with government, in peddling highly addictive and highly fat-creating refined (high) carbohydrate foods – knowing full well they are creating a nation of obese cripples and T2 diabetic food junkies.

The true Dadaist  artist comments perceptively and fearlessly critically on the times in which he lives – Hugo Ball, co-founder DADA, 1916
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Link back to Work 29 from 2005; The Persistence of Addiction

Artists with social conscience are invited to get in touch with St. Mark at London Dada with a view towards future collaborative ventures
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13 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 602; Gregg’s Girl

  1. There is an insipid cruelty towards obesity, where we entirely become blinded by fear of changing to become less than photo perfect. Particularly, since the media is blindingly punishing. What this picture showed me for the moment it was captured was some incredibly sad moment of despair for the woman whatever her personal circumstances that led to it. Irrespective of whether her comfort was eating or media pushes food out to us as a comfort source, I suppose I didn’t tune that out but what really tuned in for me was what seemed to be the deep lonelinest of a fellow human being here, in the now of that shot. Were she to have been an bony skinny model – in the same pose, our perceptions slant and if she were a beautiful woman in the same pose… Do we feel less contempt, or disgust or indifference?


    • No, your perception is true!
      But the base cause of her despair is, i feel in this case, likely to be more the reaction of others to her physical appearance.
      Ditto the severe anorexic.

      An early London Dadaist, Valerie Alexander, produced a work that featured a rolled-up copy of the “blindingly punishing” Heat Magazine… stuffed down a toilet.

      Yet who can alter innate human worship at the body beautiful altar ( TM )
      ( and, as above, the opposite that applies )

      Thanks for the comment Sapphire, your perception is extraordinary.


  2. I like the satirical references inferred in this piece as if I’m not mistaken Gregory’s Girl was something to do with football and training in a secondary modern school were a girl joined the school team!


    • Was it? Happy serendipity strikes again then 🙂
      Also, you are much more culture and media-steeped than I.
      After meeting you I go away and give an impression of being educated 😉
      ( and yes, that is meant to be a compliment )


      • This is very odd. It was only when I revisited this page, I realised you had replied. I never got it through my messaging system. Anyway I was wondering if you had looked at your mobile lately? I don’t know what’s going on but some gremlins are about intercepting our messages.


  3. Crippled through obesity though she is, she has found a little time and space to contact her demon lover, who always tells her that she’s the most wonderful person they’ve never met.

    And she is.


    • It’s a nice idea isn’t it ruby? In fact i overheard some of the conversation …and she was conversing with some teck person about an internet hook-up / software issue she was having.
      ( Too much of) the wrong food is most certainly a, or the, big factor in obesity – but there are contributory factors such as sitting down (at the PC) all day.
      I saw this lady twice in March, doing a circuit of the park… then no more.

      It’ll be a very very long hard road back for her – even given she has the willpower to do it.
      And if I did go up to her – as a complete stranger – and however subtely advise to cut down on bread for example; it’s quite likely I would have been told in no UT’s to
      ” Mind your own f*ing business”

      “( In a wicked world) no good deed goes unpunished” – Confuse’us, circa 10 million BC


      • I saw this lady twice in March, doing a circuit of the park… then no more.

        Well, she’s either dead of being fat or she spotted taking her photo and you’ve freaked her out.


      • ..or possibly more likely fed up of busting a gut round the park.
        Would have thought a radical new food regime – and the will power to stick to it – is the sensible first step in this case.
        Surgery would be a pretty unequivocal ‘forget it’.. a neighbour of mine was similarly way over-burdened and suggested going under the knife to his GP.
        ” Because of your size they’d need to administer so much anesthetic you’d be dead before you left the table” .. kind of brought the seriousness of his dilemma home.


  4. I feel really sorry for this poor lady,fancy having to lug all that excess weight round all day—-it must be torture.

    The food industry will never be encouraged to change their products for healthier versions as they make far too much money from the fat and sugar laden goodies that many of us become addicted to.

    It’s an absolute disgrace that we are fast becoming a nation of obese people, and the ones who are affected most are generally those on a low income who can’t afford to buy fruit, veg and healthy snacks for their families. The economy burgers, sausages and cheap white bread that they buy are laden with fat and additives but often they have no choice.

    Then there are those who can afford to eat healthily but choose not too because they either don’t care what they are ramming down their throats or they are so bone idle they don’t bother to cook a meal which would be a fraction of the cost of a fast food lunch.

    Maybe it is time to educate people more about ultimate price they will pay for eating such junk as well as tackling the food industry too. The food industry doesn’t care what is happening to our nation, we already know that, so it’s up to people to take charge of their own health, they have the choice to do something about it ——the old saying ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’ still rings true today.


    • Sure, no one’s forcing folk to que-up outside Greggs at gunpoint! But artificial hunger of the tongue (cravings) produced by white flour products is a pretty fearsome addiction to beat.
      Still, ones health and even life itself… or a bit of daily willpower and exercise?
      It’s a no flabber!


    • True enough, but that PMM only keeps its perpetual so long as its many paying victims get a regular brain-wash and spin-dry to keep them in their miserable ignorance.
      Enter the advertising industry and the mainstream media – proudly led of course by that longstanding bastion of right, that time-honoured stalwart for truth; the British Bias Corporation.


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