London Dada work 603; Otherworld

c. Michael St. Mark 2012

( Canary Wharf from Alexandra Palace, N. London )


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Michael St.Mark’s artwork ( Cynically nicked version thereof ) currently touring the nation emblazened on the side of the Olympic Torch!
View the compelling argument for, @

7 thoughts on “London Dada work 603; Otherworld

    • If there’s such a thing as transmigration of souls, there must actually be a planet Fat Cat existing somewhere in a drab little corner of the cosmos.
      Didn’t you used to live near Ally Pally once upon a poetic time?


      • Well I did perform at a few poetry gigs when I had my flat in, I think it was Queens Ave. Muswell Hill. It was one of the roads heading north of the roundabout.

        Canary Wharf was only being built then so the Nat West Tower, Stock Exchange and other buildings in The City dominated the view.

        If you read Transition by Iain Banks it will show how Planet Fat Cat or more accurately the Fat Cat dimension, may be nearer than you think. Dimensions occupy the same space but a different reality. Which explains a lot about our political leaders.


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