London Dada Work No. 603; Otherworld

c. Michael St. Mark 2012

( Canary Wharf from Alexandra Palace, N. London )

Denizens of Otherworld – gambling with their customers’ money in the casino of world finance. When they win they open the bonus bubbly, when they lose the debt gets passed back to the customer with interest and the corporate criminals leave with large payoffs.
* Can anyone sum up the banking scenario more succinctly than ” a rigged casino” without resorting to profanities?

Canary Wharf from Alexander Palace and the “shining levels” inbetween

Signed edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Ilford Pearl 24″ x 18″
£650 ( unframed )

* May 2016, editions 1-39 sold/reserved
( March 2018 – this edition sold out, please register interest in resales here; )


Something from later on.. a timeless, detached feeling as if something from another world.

Others in the series..

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7 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 603; Otherworld

    • If there’s such a thing as transmigration of souls, there must actually be a planet Fat Cat existing somewhere in a drab little corner of the cosmos.
      Didn’t you used to live near Ally Pally once upon a poetic time?


      • Well I did perform at a few poetry gigs when I had my flat in, I think it was Queens Ave. Muswell Hill. It was one of the roads heading north of the roundabout.

        Canary Wharf was only being built then so the Nat West Tower, Stock Exchange and other buildings in The City dominated the view.

        If you read Transition by Iain Banks it will show how Planet Fat Cat or more accurately the Fat Cat dimension, may be nearer than you think. Dimensions occupy the same space but a different reality. Which explains a lot about our political leaders.


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