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Conceptual / experimental multi-discipline artist, writer and photographer. Creative consultant & founder of London Dada under Hugo Ball's original Dada principles.. Echoing Marcel Duchamp in respect of going beyond the purely retinal and refusing to accept the standards and practices of an established and corrupt art system, conventions that are still considered essential to attain fame and financial success: refusing to repeat himself or to develop one recognizable style to placate the commercial needs of the art market.

Give Peace Talks a Chance

Dada hand drum live overdub on John & Yoko’s classic 1969 hit song.
An appeal to our politicians to get their asses into gear, screw up their moral courage and at least put peace talks on the suggestion table to Putin’s Russia rather than continuing with unsustainable funding and arming of the Bandera-inspired militants running things in Ukraine. For the avoidance of more death, destruction and potential mass migration of millions of starving Ukrainian citizens into Europe, we say..

peace is ready here and now – if we want it

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Six Career Artists trapped in creative stasis ( as by necessity they must become ) aspire to greatness
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Unspoken conditions greatly help in becoming a recognized art great in the early 21st C; such as the right people to crawl and fawn to and golden rules to be rigorously followed.

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