London Dada Work No. 604: The Everyday

the everyday
the everyday

c. Michael St.Mark 2012
At the brand new Sainsbury’s mega store in Welwyn Garden…click to enlarge.
Gradually, imperceptibly, the majority are brainwashed by the mainstream media into a world of daily conformity to a global commercial stereotype

where each individual is encouraged to view themselves as paramount to any other ( Divide and Rule. )Where each one becomes
dedicated to their own personal individual gratification at any expense to others, thus becoming
ideal consumers. This naturally involves a disconnect from the reality of another’s life.

A world therefore, where the vulnerable – the unborn, the young, the disabled, the elderly and the millions of imprisoned factory-farmed animals –  are prone to abuse. And where human tragedy ( Milly Dowler in extremis ) simply becomes another commodity to be sold for profit.

* Update May 2014.  The term ” The Everyday” – coined here by Michael St. Mark in 2012 – now in common useage.


Second in the social commentary series ” What is becoming of us?”

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