Work 242; England Football fan. Re-visited re-visited

Just when we thought it safe to stow away this particular New Dada work from 2006 til’ the World Cup; on account of a half-decent performance at last by the England boys in a tournament…up pops the dreaded penalty shootout exit after a truly dismal performance.
Some things (will?) never change.

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EFF 664697_120a496d89_l

From Euro & World Cup 2006/10, New Dada work 242 resurrected yet again
England Football Fan – Post ’66 Archetype c. Michael St.Mark 2006 ( Concrete assemblage work incorporating disconnected electric fan containing three crushed and discarded lager cans, painted plastercast fanatical chav supporter face and Prozac anti-depressant capsules ) Detail EFF Close up mouth 1aEFF Prozac1a Exhibition query or sale price of this work by private application NB. Please note these images are strictly copyright, for reproduction fees please contact the artist.

5 thoughts on “Work 242; England Football fan. Re-visited re-visited

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    • The fan blows a lot of warm ( breer breath ) air before the match, “givin’ it the big un’ ”
      Then, of course comes that terrible deflated penalty shootout aftermath.. and out and in pop the antidepressants.
      It’s an imagined scenario of course, but you can just imagine it being real.
      Thanks for the look-in, Christine.
      (Hey, not so down with the weather – we got TWO hours of sun already today!)


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