World Cup 2018. Work No. 242, England Football Fan (2006 ) – 5th generation re-post

England Football Fan
( a long-running disaster )
Post ’66 Archetype
(c) Michael St.Mark 2006

( Concrete assemblage work incorporating disconnected electric fan containing three crushed and discarded lager cans, painted plaster cast fanatical chav supporter face and Prozac anti-depressant capsules ) Detail…

EFF Close up mouth 1aEFF Prozac1a
Exhibition query or sale price of this work by private application

Please note these images are copyright; for reproduction fees please contact or link on the  London Dada website



Created in 2006 to mark England’s World Cup exit, subsequently revisited / re-posted for the 2010 World Cup2012 Euros2014 World Cup2016 Euros  ( links to associated posts )  and now the turn of  2018 World Cup in Russia. While the pay view TV & other media clean up along with sales of lager & Smart TVs hitting the jackpot, the question we have to ask ourselves is ” can England even get out of their group with World Cup penalty-misser Southgate in charge?
Can it get any worse than the FA’s blue-eyed boy plodder Hodgson era?

Updates (of doom?) tf…..

08/07/2018 After scraping through the group of minnows, they’re through to the semi-finals of a major tournament – first time since the Euros in 1990.  The media in raptures and talk of the Cup returning home.

Do we sense the hand of an unseen player called Putin about to be raised… *
UPDATE, (post Croatia game ) … in the form of the biased / paid off?  ref’ called Cuneyt Cakir ( no comment ).
* – or the foot of God ™ .…. raised


England out of the Cup and a further defeat to Belgium lands them in 4th place.


This, the 5th posting of ” England Football Fan” after 12 long years of post-tournament Prozac-munching by the poor short-changed fans; before its transfer to the London Dada sales catalogue.

( POA )
A recent comment on Twitter pretty well sums things up regarding the state of play of the “bootiful game” – as well as just about everywhere else – here in uber-congested “anger land”..



6th generation upload, December ’22

Update; 4/12/22. Through to the World Cup semis – looks promising… again 😉

Update II – 10th December 2022. England out, losing to France 2 -1, marking it 56 years since the country that invented the game has won either a Euro or World football trophy. Time to give penalty-missing plodder Southgate a rest?

( well at least they didn’t go out on penalties again….did they? – ed )

Concrete work ” England Football Fan” is for sale at a price commensurate with the number of years wait for another trophy post-1966 World Cup.
Ideal investment for someone pessimistic about the future of international English soccer. ( Next up; UEFA EURO 2024 )

2022 price; £56,000.

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