LONDON DADA Work # 242, England Football Fan – Archetype 1

EFF Main pic1a
England Football Fan – Archetype 1
c. Michael St.Mark 2006
( Concrete assembly work incorporating disconnected electric fan containing three disused lager cans, painted plastercast face and Prozac capsules )
EFF Close up mouth 1aEFF Prozac1a

Sale price of this work by private application, see Tags (right)

NB. Please note these images are strictly copyright, for reproduction fees please contact the artist.

Link to England Football Fan 5th Generation ( 2018 World Cup reminder )

6 thoughts on “LONDON DADA Work # 242, England Football Fan – Archetype 1

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    • Done it already egg, with two more pics to explain the concept.

      It initially uploaded without title or text, that new editor thingy is tricky to use with pics and text together. I’m sticking to the old one for now.

      Hope you’re good, regards to Moonie.


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