Work 454; The Trouble with the Whole World

Capturetrouble with
The Trouble with the Whole World
   Michael St.Mark, April 2011

Television screenshot of an injured and captured mercenary  from the Libyan town of Misrata. Part of a rebel army unit that had been shelling civilian areas and sniping from rooftops at anything that moved. Here pictured wounded ( & shot in the foot to prevent escape ) with a wad of Gaddafi blood money ironically now soaked with his own blood; he admits to piece work – paid per person he killed ( said he had a wife and kids to feed, what else could he do ).

The Work relating to the increasingly common mentality of ” I don’t care about anyone else just so long as I’m doing ok ”  and how it is inexorably destroying the social fabric of the entire world – this being a particularly archetypal example – along with the arms dealer, drug dealer, the abattoir worker, the rogue banker & multicorp’ executive, the Tory health minister etc etc
M St.M


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7 thoughts on “Work 454; The Trouble with the Whole World

  1. Be your brother’s keeper; he and you are parts of the same whole, and his misfortune necessarily affects you. (Lajos Egri said in his book-The Art of Dramatic Writing). Unfortunately, most people miss this point.

    Misrata-I have a full CD of images.Have stopped seeing the news nowadays, as I have seen and smelt more than my fair share this year in Tripoli. Bodies piled up-smelling..when we entered the Bab-Al-Aziziya compound of Gaddafi.

    In Libya-they call it Tifna-“Who are we to say anything about these people?” my friend said. “It is they who have suffered most at the hands of the regime. The international contract workers were not touched by the regime” one experienced expatriate worker remarked.


  2. There are certainly many, many examples in the world of people who ‘don’t care as long as i get paid’ From those like the man in your photo, to politicians down to shop assistants everywhere.The general attitude seems to be i’m only here for the money and i don’t give a toss about you. What a world we live in, i find it rather frightening that there is such little regard for either human or animal life, how does someone inflict physical suffering on another and still manage to sleep at night——–it’s beyond me.


    • There seems little sense of society or of sacrifice or service to others. Humanity somehow being reduced to a narrow dog-eat-dog mentality, an everyone for themselves mass money grab. Our politicians have succeeded in divide and rule, god knows where this is heading… but there again, few really care.


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