Work 453; The Drain Age I & II

The Drain Age ( a rustic tryptic )
c. Dingo 2011

( Found manhole covers, rural Lanarkshire, tonally enhanced )

dingo 06

New dada artist Dingo “Seeing the Extra in the Ordinary” TM


 The Drain Age II,  homage to Piet Mondrian
c. Michael St. Mark 2015

Digital composite photo montage, sundry pavement drain hatch covers, N. London.

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1 thought on “Work 453; The Drain Age I & II

  1. A very interesting photo this one, the kind that i could look at on lots of occasions and see something different in it each time! I once heard about a person who had a phobia of manhole covers and couldn’t go out in case she had to pass by one—–she’d really struggle if she was near this location!

    By the way can other people post photos on this site or is it only you Mr St Mark?


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