Work No. 763; Ultimate Selfie

ultimate selfie
  Ultimate Selfie / Selfie Selfie
   c. Dingo 2015

Self-portrait using digital SLR camera with reversable LED display screen and second  tripod mounted camera on a 10sec. shutter release timer.
( Concept and photo by London Dada artist Dingo )

  London Dada artist Dingo; ” Seeing / Putting the Extra in the Ordinary” TM

The Dadaist is concerned solely with the inventive, the perceptive, the truly radical and morally just.  ” – M. St.M 2015


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Work No. 708; Scraping the Sky

Scraping the Sky
c. Dingo 2014

The Heron tower, Bishopsgate London EC2
Summer in the city ..and another Dingo spot.

  London Dada artist Dingo
Seeing/Putting the extra in the ordinary” TM


Update 2 years on ( 2016) ; N. PHOTO magazine’s feature title; ” Scraping the Sky



LONDON DADA – ” Reorienting Art in the 21st. C.”




London Dada work 614; Never in his Wildest Dreams..

never in his wildest dreams 2
Never in his wildest dreams.. (2)
c. Dingo 2012

London South Bank riverside estate.

(click to enlarge).

London Dadaist Dingo – ” Seeing/Putting the Extra in the Ordinary” TM


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London Dada work 571; Pictures at an Exhibition/The Large Glass II

Hayward Gallery
Pictures at an Exhibition / The Large Glass II
( Million man ready-made)
Dada-appropriated public work in progress, Bermondsey.
c. by Dingo 2012

( To enlarge the gallery click on the image.)

large glass 560px-duchamp_glass
Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass (progressive Dada work through 1915-1923 )


London Dada Work No. 563; Winter Woodland Walkies – The Chase

Winter Woodland Walkies ( The Chase )
c. Dingo 2011


( click on the enlargement.. to enlarge a mucky pups’ muddy woodland chase )



dingo beach09 2-1
New Dadaist Dingo” Seeing/Putting the Extra in the Ordinary” TM

* Purport of the work; The common association, with most dog-owners, of mud on the parked-up car from the bumpy drive along the dirt track to the rural car park, as the dog(s) eagerly disembark for their country/woodland “walk” – that invevitably becomes an excited yelping chaotic run once off the lead and a squirrel or rabbit is sighted.
The mud by the sill of Dingo’s Rangy is carefully manipulated into outlines and gaps using twig ends to create imaginary canine forms in chase mode.



Update, July 2014; Expose of artist Ali Banisadr’s painting ” The Chase”.
Mimicking the above Dada Work in the chaotic semi-abstract forms’ strong suggestion of animal movement.. and the direct title ” The Chase ” ; plagiarizer Banisadr adds color to create a painting then passed off as original and new.

The Chase
The Chase, by Ali Banisadr.