Dada work 465; The Dastardly Revenge Artist / The Art of Revenge

The Dastardly Revenge Artist / The Art of Revenge
c. Michael St.Mark 2010


( click to enlarge the battery acid etching )

Dada work 464; "Education Education Education"

“Education Education Education” – ten years of Blair BS. .
c. Michael St.Mark 2007


( click to expand the outlook for UK ‘skool’ kids )

Dada work 463; Fifteen Minutes of Frame

“Goktacular” – Fifteen Minutes of Frame
c. 2011    Michael St.Mark

The fabtastic Gok, now with own-brand range of antlers – a legend is born.

Knock to invite the brand new style guru in

Dada work 463; Retightening the Screws

Retightening the Screws
c. 2011 by Art Axis

( apparently the reaction to turning a corner and being confronted with this scene was
” I’ve seen it all now “.    Click to enter the ‘ tunnels of love ‘  )

New DadA work 462; Congregation

c. Michael St.Mark 2009


.. second in the mini series focusing on DaDa as accidental art in daily life.

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Available as a native tryptic mounted photo print  55cm X 20cm & signed by the artist

Somethings for the weekend…A new smiley form is born?

Will it catch on?  Hell, only time will tell…


M St.M 21/5/2011

” .. you all know what DaDa iss..” – Professor Hans Richter, DaDA high command.

New Dada work 461; My Beautiful Carwash

My Beautiful Carwash

c. Michael St.Mark 2010

Free 5 min hypnotically kaleidoscopic random soap sud and water display on glass. And you get your  A to B device clean.
Dada is ubiquitous


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