New Dada work 504; They who have seen the Light III; Hi Vis’ Jack’ Street cred

Hi vis vest street cred'
They who have seen the Light  III ;   Hi’ vis’ jack’ street cred’.

c. Michael St.Mark 2011

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New Dada work 503; Tesco bedsheets Dada Zen study

Empty your mind here
Tesco Bedsheets Extra Ordinary Dada Zen study ( sweet dreams are made of this )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011


Artist’s comment
Uploaded in full resolution for intimate study, a random collection of folded bedsheets on display  in store at Tesco Whitechapel
during June of this year. The bland ordinariness of the subject matter being exactly the purport of the work; envisaged as an opportunity to empty and declutter the mind from today’s alarming  bombardment of media and frantic society in general. In essence to “go the other way” – inwards in contemplation of the Extra OrdinaryTM  in a Dadaistic Zen-like quest for inner peace.
M St.M

Click to enlarge to view the detail item by item. The cluttered mind will rebel at first,  but take time to allow unfamiliar absence of intention to enter the unconscious and experience new Dada inner  freedom  where ” everything is nothing and nothing IS ” TM


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London Dada Work No. 502; Great Nights Out II

Great Nights Out II

c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Second in the series exploring legacy aftermaths of the-night-before excesses. 

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London Dada work 501; Ejaculation


c. MIchael St.Mark 2011


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Work 500; High Tide of Limestone

5802869_224aacc1a0_oHigh Tide of Limestone
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Birkrigg common; Furness, Cumbria

Poem integral to the Work

Once upon a Carboniferous Period time
COMPRESSEDSHELLSBONES of billions of wee sea creatures
made the sea bed, then
were lifted high into the sky
by gargantuan planetry forces
a millimetre a year…….
over millions of years…….

I sit for a minute upon on this ancient gray graveyard in the sky
contemplating eternity while
digesting a Milky Way

M. St.M ( the Dada geology teacher )

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LONDON RIOTS. Work No. 499; The Apprentice

The Tottenham Apprentice
c. Michael St.Mark, August 2011

.. spots a gap in the market.


When a Prime Minister orders the invasion of another country not threatening this one in the least, that involves the murder of thousands of innocents, to facilitate the plunder of its vast oil reserves in order to appease an American president of dubious morals and to secure his own personal career through future directorships on boards of companies affiliated to those gifted the oil contracts…
When nasty business bully boys like Alan “I’m just a Jewish schmuck” Sugar are seen by millions to be promoting the most ably lying and scheming, the most aggressively devious, dishonest and manipulating...and now sits in the House of Lords…
In a country where blocking of opportunity for its youth by absence of post secondary school apprenticeship placement schemes ( as are ‘de rigueur’ in Germany and proven to lead to self esteem-generating high skill jobs );  where politically correct anti-discipline insanity, a general dumbing-down and a vicious dog-eat-dog mentality has been overseen and indeed overlooked by generations of crooked self-serving politicians….
( ” There is no such thing as society ” Margaret Thatcher 1970s.)
In a media chock-full of gratuitous violence,  portrayed and promoted via computer games,TV ads, news, the press & film; gangsta rap culture and glorification of ill-gotten bling…
In a nation more class-divided than any other on earth and  more than ever partitioned between haves & nots; where in the workplace impassable glass ceilings are the norm, where opportunity and promotion based on a very specific – yet  unmentionable for fear of being branded a fascist – racial nepotism; on privilege or birth rather than on talent and ability… is absolutely widespread. ( And you wonder why there are so few watchable new programmes on TV these days?)…

In such a severely dysfunctional and disjointed culture, is this sick new “loot-til-you-drop” perversion – and some might argue rather logical progression of much-lauded ruthless entrepreneurism and blind worship of everyone-for-themselves narrow materialism – really any great wonder?

Not mentioning those Old Etonian pinstriped piggies scrabbling and scoffing at the City trough either! – Ed