Work No. 672: “100,000 years” signed editions.

Signed editions of work 672 ( See previous page )
Destroyed nuclear reactor pile no.1 chimney, Sellafield, Cumbria.

100K years SE vers1
A Hundred Thousand Years SE1
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Digital-manipulation v. 1
All are signed editions of 10 fine art giclee prints on Kodak Pro Endura, 34″ x 32″

£585 ( unframed )


A Hundred Thousand Years SE v2
c. Michael St. Mark 2013


One Hundred Thousand Years SE v3
A Hundred Thousand Years SE v3
c. Michael St.Mark 2013
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UK's Chernobyl

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London Dada Work No. 672; A Hundred Thousand Years


A Hundred Thousand Years
© Michael St.Mark 2013


After Damien Hirst’s 1990 ” A Thousand Years”

Topical as reminder of the UK’s very own Chernobyl, this completely man-made ( or more accurately politician ambition-caused ) nuclear accident, the severity of which was covered-up at the time with, predictably, the workers who saved the day taking the rap.

Image; Reactor pile no 1 chimney still containing  ten tons of melted uranium fuel from the Windscale ( now Sellafield) fire in 1957 that will remain highly radioactive beyond 1000 human generations.

In  October 1957 a fire broke out in No 1 of the twin ‘piles’ or reactor rods encased within graphite cores; directly caused by the plant’s operational management – under orders from the then MacMillan government – pushing the reactor’s plutonium-producing operation way beyond its designed safety parameters, by stripping the hundreds of thousands of fuel rods’ cooling aluminium casing fins,  then later removing magnesium safety casing completely to produce more Tritium; all in order to extract maximum fissile material to bump-up Britain’s atomic weapons programme in Harold MacMillan’s attempt to match / partner the US in power-broking terms on the nuclear world stage. ( source BBC documentary from 2004, linked below)
The raging fire was only discovered 50 hours after it had started and took three days to bring under control.

The blaze was caused by heat building up in the reactor after a series of safety ” blunders”. As the fire raged, workers at the plant used water to try to cool the reactor, which was only achieved after common sense was employed by the deputy works manager – the heroic Tom Tuohy – and the huge air fans that normally cooled the reactor, but which in this case were actually fanning the flames and spreading the reactor fire, were turned off.

However, tons of highly contaminated air escaped through the 400ft-high chimney ( see image ) and rose over the Lake District in a long grey plume. Eventually, radioactive particles fell on to the local countryside or were caught in a changing wind, which blew them further inland towards Wales and over the sea to Ireland.

There was a release to atmosphere of radioactive material that spread across the UK and Europe. The fire released an estimated 740 terabecquerels (20,000 curies) of iodine-131, as well as 22 TBq (594 curies) of caesium-137 and 12,000 TBq (324,000 curies) of xenon-133, among other radionuclides. ” – Wiki

Official weather records citing the above were subsequently doctored to show the wind direction blowing the deadly radioactive plume out to sea for the entie duration of the fire, presumably to allay public concern.

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DATA ________________________________________________________________________________________
Signed edition of one worldwide digital photo ( procured from the public road outside the Sellafield workers’ main gate ) 16MB file size( rendered to historical film coloration to reflect the era in which the fire took place ) giclee print, 32″ x 34″ hand-finished and to be bordered by a 5cm surround mount adhered with particles of surface mud-sand scooped from the local public beach ( officially non hazardous * ).


 *  ” In 1956 Calder Hall nuclear power station was opened alongside it to produce low-cost electricity for millions of homes. Back  then, the long, sandy beach at the nearest town of Seascale was popular with swimmers.

But families are now too afraid to go there because radioactive contamination has been traced in shellfish, seaweed and the sand.

The levels of radioactivity recorded by Martin Forwood are so high that they would not be permitted under safety regulations for the inside of the huge nuclear plant itself. Indeed, they are higher than those taken within the 20-mile exclusion zone around Chernobyl, scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 1986. “

Daily Mirror


UK's Chernobyl


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Work No. 671; Mona Pixelisa

Mona Lisa
  Mona Pixelisa
  c. London Dada 2013

Bringing the iconic Leonardo DV painting into the digital age, now pixel-appropriated into a fresh artwork.
First pixelated appropriation of the world famous masterpiece since its creation in the early 16th C.

In the Democratizing Art series – trending power away from the big art institutions and collectors with their
cash cow artist harems living it up above the art establishment’s blast-proof glass ceiling.


* August 2014 This Work currently being released for investment in the form of signed limited edition fine art prints at;

London Dada Work No. 670; The Joys of Motherhood II

the joys of motherhood II
The Joys of Motherhood II
Michael St.Mark 2013



Mother and child resting at South Lakes wild animal zoo park, Cumbria. July 2013

Signed edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Ilford Pearl, 24″ x  20″
£400 ( unframed)


Second in the series.  Links to TJOM 1

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Work No. 195; Divorce Proceedings

Re-mastering / titling of Work No. 195, ” Long-distance Relationship” from 2006

Love Has Torn us Apart
Divorce Proceedings / Jesus Walks Among Us.
c. Michael St.Mark 2006


North Finchley, London N.20

Signed edition of 25 fine art giclee prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
24″ x 16″ ( unframed )

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Work 669; Valium Digitalis

valium digitalis
Valium Digitalis
c. Art Axis 2012

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Flash photograph of spot painting ” Valium” by Damien Hirst enhanced and broken down into pixelation through digital image manipulation, creating a distinct new appropriation work, the intention being to trend art away from its unhealthy monopolization by the big players with their cash cow artists, here making a Damien Hirst (appropriation) affordable to the public.
Latest in the London Dada Democratizing Art series.

Signed edition of 25 giclee prints on Kodak Pro Endura, 32″ x 36″
£ 500 ( unframed )

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London Dada Work 668; Osborne House of Commons Mockery

Osborne HOC Mockery ( Triptych )
c. Michael St.Mark

” Scrunch portrait “TM  of Chancellor GO in the House of Commons in June after delivering his benefits cuts speech, with a pathetically gleeful Cameron (seated) over his shoulder ( poverty is so LOL heh, Dave )
The sneering finger-pointing at the impotent Labour front bench, dramatically enhanced in the scrunch, encapsulating the monstrously arrogant and bullying character of the present Government that has overseen a 60% rise in rough sleepers during its two years in office with a rapidly-increasing transfer of the UK work force onto zero hours contracts with plantation wages and diddly squat rights.

Three digital photographs of the front page of the 15th June 2013 i newspaper in progressive stages of collapse.


3 giclee prints on Ilford Pearl paper, arranged and mounted on black card in triptych format,
32″ x 12″ combined
Signed edition of 25;  £340 ( unframed )


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Osborne sneer
George Osborne scrunch portrait

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