Work No. 671; Mona Pixelisa


Mona Pixelisa

Mona Pixelisa
(c). London Dada 2012

Bringing the iconic Leonardo DV painting into the digital age, now pixel-appropriated into a fresh artwork.
First pixelated appropriation of the world famous masterpiece since its creation in the early 16th C.

In the Democratizing Art series – trending power away from the big art institutions and collectors with their
cash cow artist harems living it up above the art establishment’s blast-proof glass ceiling.


* August 2014 This Work currently being released for investment in the form of signed limited edition fine art prints at;

5 thoughts on “Work No. 671; Mona Pixelisa

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    • I see what you mean, her expression is altered slightly in the ‘pixelisa’.
      Good spot!
      So Mira, are you completely moving your blogging to WordPress in the light of BCUK’s seemingly endless “maintenance works”?
      It would be a loss to this community (or what is left of it), as you are an “old” ( not old!) member – I seem to recall you being around since around 2006 or so.


      • Good morning Michael 🙂
        Well , BCUK has improved somewhat – quicker and easier to post and comment.Touch wood- hope it lasts , Having said that my cunning Plan B is still there and I am slowly copy pasting and backing up some of my posts from BCUK miramaze blog . It is time consuming , but also interesting – a trip down memory lane. I am savouring the moments again and occasionally mira 2013 responds to mira 2006. Yes – I’ve been here since 2006 . 🙄

        BCUK is familiar and for better or for worse , it is home akka blogland .
        Let’s see what happens.
        Have you made any decisions ?


      • Hi Mira,
        Well in a way they’re making decisions for us in disabling our ability to blog effectively. They’re not even answering support queries, the message about IT on our homepages isn’t even in basic English .. so if they cant get it together with that even, it’s likely they’re in a pickle that may well go on for some time or even close with the loss of, in my case 8 years worth of files and 500 euro down the pan.
        And I thought the Germans are supposed to be organized.

        So before I have a coronary lol… how are you finding your WordPress blog in terms of ease of use, navigation etc and getting traffic and comments? x


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