Work 843; Tate Modern Transition; London Dada validated

capturetmt1Tate Modern Transition II


Tate Modern Transition 17 green spots of london dada-004
Art Axis, 17/6/2016

Marking the inauguration of the new Tate Modern extension, the Switch House, on 17th June 2016, London Dada’s direct art action activist Art Axis activates a 2hr two-part 6 point green laser moving light show projected on the brickwork of Tate Modern’s ( Bankside power station)  dark and sinister 325ft ( c. 100m ) chimney stack – that was visible to millions of people over the whole of London – whilst not allowing the beams to be directed anywhere near people or into the sky, thereby remaining within the bounds of legality.
Image II plus video to follow…

This Dada protest Work highlighting the acute need for change not only within art, but also in what is a still highly class-divided UK society and towards giving equal and fair opportunities to all, regardless of social background. The EU referendum gives all artists and creative thinkers a new opportunity to contribute towards a new nation, built on important values and for the benefit of all its people, not just a narrow London elite.

Signed edition of 10 fine art prints derived from selected  frame-grabs from the video to be shortly available of this seminal Dada light Work, July/ August 2016



Here’s perhaps the cue needed for Tate Mod’s new director to get creative with a little night light show of her own up & running onto her gallery’s dark and dour stack. ( Jeez, why didn’t we think of that ) -. MSM 24 / 6/ 2016

The Guardian, July 8th 2017
Maria Balshaw breaks cover on Tate Modern’s new art stance, never mentioned once during her predecessor Sir Nicholas Serota’s long stint as director,  vindicating  and validating London Dada’s long campaign for art that connects with life and the times in which we live.

You can’t separate the arts or artists from events that are going on around them
– not only exactly what the major UK arts institutions and museums have been doing since their inceptions, but also excluding or ignoring artists whose work attempts to do just that regarding issues of real concern here in the UK. Embracing Chinese dissident artists and the like is far too easy a cop-out.

Will Balshaw de-politicise art and allow a truly free range of expression? Unfortunately probably not, she didn’t get to where she is by upsetting the elitist UK art establishment status quo.
Yet at least in paying lip service to that ideal there belies a grudging recognition that real progress along those lines is inevitable…
– M. St.M

London Dada Work No. 842; The Snooze House

snore house
The Snooze House – or a fresh stART?
c. Art Axis 2016

snooze house2







Having a nice lie down in a “Capsule” ( Ricardo Basbaum, 2000 )




Marking the opening of Tate Modern’s latest gallery extension, the Switch House. Mixed reviews abound, even from the largely bought-off MSM arts reviewers, point to a largely negative reaction to the mostly banal content of what is certainly the impressive – if somewhat unventilated and window-rationed-claustrophobic – brand new building abutting the old Tate Modern turbine hall.

Here’s perhaps a chance for the director to seize the moment and start incorporating some more genuinely thought-provoking and even, God forbid, awe-inspiring works from the wider art world, eschewing the ubiquitous cronyistic and nepotistic sterile South bank set-up
Talent is talent regardless of background. Decades of deliberate neglect of this axiom has lead to creative stagnation and stasis thoughout the arts and mainstream media.

More DaDa spirit now please, Frances Morris

London Dada Work No. 840; Dada Calling, Sir Nick



   c. Art Axis 2016

Outgoing Tate Modern big chief Sir Nicholas Serota gets the Dada over London treatment for services to art elitism.

” Dada is the revolt of the personality threatened on so many sides –  a revolt against levelling, stupidity and destruction. It is the distress cry of creative people against banality “Richard Huelsenbeck, co-founder of Dada, 1916


Signed edition fine art print / large format postcard details tf.



Dada over London







Message behind London Dada’s hexagonal green spot icon ( from About Us mission statement )

Dada – cutting-edge scourge of the establishment and undisputed catalyst for the sea change in art that occurred during the early 20th C. is re-surfacing through its missing jigsaw piece London expression – a 21st century cyber and public art antidote for the hi-jacking, side-tracking and stifling of UK art into a tightly closed shop with toughened glass ceiling and run by a clique of old school tie cronies who use money as a means of rigging the art market into turning massive personal profits. Heading a network of kowtowing gallery owners, they render contemporary art virtually sterile; reducing the big galleries to little more than purveyors of the bawdy and the tawdry; selectively promoting through those evergreen guarantors of hype-to-order, the fawning careerworths of the UK arts review media – a harem of hand-picked ‘shock or bore’ cash cow artists.


Work 242 revisited revisited revisited; England Football Fan. + Queen @90 – bring out the Dada bunting

englnd football fan
England Football Fan ( Archetype 1 )
c. Michael St.Mark 2006


Reposted from 2006 / 2010 / 2014

How time flies when your national team fall at every tournament,
Lamentable failure to qualify ( World Cup 2014 ) is no bar to the national coach still keeping his job where the cronyistic stuffed shirts at the FA are concerned – what makes anyone think Roy’s boys will fare any better in France 2016… the boy Vardy?
Well maybe, let’s see.

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Update 28th June , England 1 Iceland 2 

The national team in disgrace, Hodgson resigns.
Say No More.. except “your turn, FA.”



The Queen @90 – bring out the Dada bunting!
Completed Work from 2012, Jubilee Subject ( after Frank Zappa)


We only have eyes for Ewe, maaaaam









” god save the queen – we mean it, man “