Work No. 766: Bend it like Blatter

bent it like blatter2seppexit2
Bent it Like Blatter………………………………………………………………………………………………*Update 2/6/15 – SB walks
  c. Michael St.Mark 2015

On the election of Sepp Blatter for a fifth consecutve term as president of FIFA in the face of recently-exposed deep-rooted and historically embedded corruption within FIFA, by agents of that epitome of spotless morality the FBI ..and the arrest of 14 of world football’s  top executives.
Sepp Blatter, in his pomp, appeared even more non-stick than the war criminal at large Tony Blair.

Latest in our “ Scrunch Flex Portraiture” series, first conceived as a new sub art genre by Michael St. Mark.
.” Scrunch Portraiture” .. invented by the artist in 2007, is an infinitely flexible method of altering hard copy photo portraits into manyfold bizarre and fanciful expressions, acutely responsive to the artist’s inner sensibilities.

A4 crumpled ( appropriated ) print from photograph by Michael Buholzer / AFP / Getty Images
Box framed

One worldwide; £2850
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Artist John McCarthy – paints portraits directly from scrunched-up paper…. ring any bells?

monroe scrunch mccarthy

“I try to find images of beautiful women who are photographed in a particular way; a kind of non-smiling vacant glamour, which fashionable magazines like to present. Once the image is selected, I screw the picture up and re-photograph it, adding new light sources to accentuate the creases, then crop it to fit the canvas. The image is then painted.” – John McCarthy 2014

See John MacCarthy’s “breakthrough” works of plagiarism here.

LONDON DADA – Reorienting art in the 21st century

portrait of the portrait artist
Work 667;  Portrait of the Portrait Artist
  c. Michael St.Mark ( 2013)


Queenie’s back again – like on a badly-minted penny


2015 Queen’s Speech special.

Until you change yourselves from subjects to citizens you’ll always be sheep eating shit” – Frank Zappa on the English;  London 1993.

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” What’s she ever done for you except smile and wave, take your hard-earned in taxes and give royal assent (the bejewelled nod) to repressive Government legislation and taxes over the past 35 years that have nailed the working people of this country to the nil rights zero hours floor? Or to the right of Parliament to start an illegal war against a country not threatening this one  in the slightest and that resulted in the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children and needless deaths of many hundreds of our own brave servicemen and women who ironically and tragically, in the cases of Iraq and Afghanistan, had sworn their alleginace to her? “

Work No 765; A Westminster Saying ( after John Heartfield)


A Westminster Saying ( after John Heartfield ‘s “A Berlin Saying “)
Versions 1 & II
c. Michael St. Mark 2015

Marking the opening of Parliament post 2015 General Election and 5 more years of verbal flatulence.
Photo montage, A4

Berlin Dada’s John Heartfield at 21 – the beautiful soul of the genuine artist.

Dadaist John Heartfield ” was infused with a passionate belief that the purpose of art was not to glorify the artist, but to serve the common good. ”

Offered as an edition of x25 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
£350 ( unframed )

Original ( without copyright license ) £2,300.

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Bercow's first word

Screenshot of BBC streaming video paused II at Commons Speaker Bercow’s very first utterance after being re-elected and
“dragged back” to his seat. The world’s oldest and some would say most idiotic anachronism but hey, that’s Parliament in one.