Work No 765; A Westminster Saying ( after John Heartfield)


A Westminster Saying ( after John Heartfield ‘s “A Berlin Saying “)
Versions 1 & II
c. Michael St. Mark 2015

Marking the opening of Parliament post 2015 General Election and 5 more years of verbal flatulence.
Photo montage, A4

Berlin Dada’s John Heartfield at 21 – the beautiful soul of the genuine artist.

Dadaist John Heartfield ” was infused with a passionate belief that the purpose of art was not to glorify the artist, but to serve the common good. ”

Offered as an edition of x25 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
£350 ( unframed )

Original ( without copyright license ) £2,300.

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Bercow's first word

Screenshot of BBC streaming video paused II at Commons Speaker Bercow’s very first utterance after being re-elected and
“dragged back” to his seat. The world’s oldest and some would say most idiotic anachronism but hey, that’s Parliament in one.