London Dada work 449, The Last Supper (Great Nights Out 1)

The Last Supper ( GNO1)
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Two-piece Dada work comprising overview and detail.
( First in a new series; click to scrutinize the ingredients )

Something for the weekend. Enjoy the sun and the fun – but do remember ladies and gentlemen, please vomit responsibly.

Links to Work 501 from 2014, Shoreditch Street Splash ( triptych)

Work No. 448; Tebbit the Forest Ogre II


Tebbit the Forest Ogre
(Forest Ogre II)

Michael St.Mark 2011

Great Northaw Wood Hertfordshire

* Click to get to the root of the ogre – shading his eyes from the sun.
Follow-up to Work No. 32 from 2005

Work 445; House of ZigZag

House of ZigZag
c. Michael St.Mark 2007

Although featured in  “Snippets”  on our Youtube channel, and from 2007; ” House of ZigZag
makes its first appearance as a definitive London Dada Work. The Merzbau-like house concerned surely lived up to its title … doors ill-fitted to already oddly angled frames as if by a drunk; walls and floors alarmingly out of kilter and  windows amply ventilating interior rooms – even when closed.
Quite a trip.


London Dada YouTube channel;

Work 444, Musical Gates 1

Musical Gates 1
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Short clip of “found” rural rustic accidental music. The video artwork is designed for you to repeat until the complete interactive Musical Grates sonata in DADA major is found within yourself ( earplugs optional ).

Work 443; Mc Kitsch

Mc Kitsch

c. 2010, Michael St.Mark

– featuring the Camden Town McKitsch gallery.

(click for the full kitschinyerface experience – or alternatively visit one of the many Mc Kitsch permanent exhibitions nationwide)

Kitsch definition, just in case...