London Dada work 449, The Last Supper (Great Nights Out 1)

The Last Supper ( GNO1)
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Two-piece Dada work comprising overview and detail.
( First in a new series; click to scrutinize the ingredients )

Something for the weekend. Enjoy the sun and the fun – but do remember ladies and gentlemen, please vomit responsibly.

Links to Work 501 from 2014, Shoreditch Street Splash ( triptych)

6 thoughts on “London Dada work 449, The Last Supper (Great Nights Out 1)

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  3. yes, those splatters symbolise the state of this nation and the fact that 90% of the population don’t give a toss. I like your idea that there is a tide of invisible thought-form disturbance in the atmosphere, there is definately something going on as the world is going mad. I know that negative thoughts can affect us as an individual, our daily lives and even our health, but do you think they can affect towns ot even the nation as a whole? ——–negativity seems to breed negativity to my mind. I sometimes think people drink to escape from their mundane lives or even to escape from themselves, they don’t really like who they are or what they’ve become., but they lack the intelligence or motivation to change. oooh eck, deep stuff this 🙂


    • Not that deep or difficult really is it..
      Eg. The difference between early Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings; between time when most people are off work and asleep in bed ( not projecting thought forms externally) … compared with the evening and millions coming down off drink/drugs etc or else dreading ( negative anticipation) Monday and work again.
      Most people I know notice the profound difference in mood or mental heaviness “in the air”… and it’s every Sunday without fail.
      I’m certain there is such a thing as mass negativity build-up in the environment, it can be local, national or worldwide and varies with circumstances. Living remotely seems no defence against this ” something going on” either, rather worryingly.
      Thanks for the contribution Brianna, I think we’re doing a service to people here, at least offering some kind of basic handle or understanding about what is happening and the interconnection between each person and the world…. & you’re getting deeper all the time 🙂


  4. That is revolting!—– but unfortunately so true of town centre streets, in any town you care to name,after the weekend. What is it about people these days that they have to do everything to excess, drinking especially? ‘what a fantastic night i had last night’ is the cry of the hungover on a Sunday ‘I can’t remember a darn thing about it, but it i know it was great!’—–and the results of this great night are visible to us all as we go about our daily business. Perhaps vomit hopping should become an olympic sport—the UK would win hands down as we have so much practice!


    • Sad but true, what is it that people are trying to escape from through drink?
      Maybe its the weather, maybe something in themselves such as stress, or maybe it’s even other people. There are just too many people on the planet now. As with cars, people are everywhere – no peace no respite from the madding crowd. That in itself wouldn’t be too bad were it not for the fact that 90% are hardly aware of much beyond their conditioning by the education system and by the media; and so perpetuate conflict by creating a tide of invisible thought-form disturbance into the “atmosphere” , making life difficult for those who are genuinely trying to make a difference by pulling in the opposite direction.
      Those dirty little splatters of vomit … they’re choc-full of symbolism.


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