Work No. 448; Tebbit the Forest Ogre II


Tebbit the Forest Ogre
(Forest Ogre II)

Michael St.Mark 2011

Great Northaw Wood Hertfordshire

* Click to get to the root of the ogre – shading his eyes from the sun.
Follow-up to Work No. 32 from 2005

3 thoughts on “Work No. 448; Tebbit the Forest Ogre II

  1. Ha, ha, yes a definate resemblence to Norman Tebbit! It feels rather like this country is builing up to some sort of cataclysmic event where the blinkers will fall from peoples eyes and they will realise they are having the p*ss taken out of them by uncaring politicians who are intent on lining their own pockets. —then, as you say, there’ll be hell to pay! Can’t wait.


  2. I think l’ve seen this ogre somewhere—–oh yes that’s right he works for the government, in the cabinet more than likely! He is shielding his eyes from the plight of the poor people in this country.


    • If we could see with spiritual eyes the astral or subtle form of the inner being of most politicians, I don’t think you’d be far of the mark there Brianna. Their slick and polished act is to do with with having the mental strength to keep a tight lid on the ogre within – for the time being. Trouble with that is of course storing volcanic emotional issues in the deep freeze and continuing to live lopsided lives… but as we saw last year in Iceland, the fire will eventually break through the ice. Then there’ll be all hell to pay !

      … oh and yep, he reminds me of that perpetually pinstriped barrel of laughs, Lord Norman “on yer bike” Tebbit.
      Living rough :))


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