London Dada work 449, The Last Supper (Great Nights Out 1)

The Last Supper ( GNO1)
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Two-piece Dada work comprising overview and detail.
( First in a new series; click to scrutinize the ingredients )

Something for the weekend. Enjoy the sun and the fun – but do remember ladies and gentlemen, please vomit responsibly.

Links to Work 501 from 2014, Shoreditch Street Splash ( triptych)

Work No. 448; Tebbit the Forest Ogre II


Tebbit the Forest Ogre
(Forest Ogre II)

Michael St.Mark 2011

Great Northaw Wood Hertfordshire

* Click to get to the root of the ogre – shading his eyes from the sun.
Follow-up to Work No. 32 from 2005