London Dada Work No. 873; 142 Sweatshop Shades of Cool

143 Sweatshop Shades
142 Sweatshop Shades of Cool
Michael St.Mark 2015

Trainer selection rack display in zero hours slave-drivers Sports Direct, New Southgate London N.

Links to ‘A Fitting Memorial‘ – Primark factory collapse 2013

Signed Lightjet print edition details tf.


LONDON DADA – following in Hugo Ball’s footsteps. The only essentially morally-motivated art movement in history’s 21C. resurrection and continuation..


London Dada Work No. 872; Grim Oop Noarth

Grim Ooop Noarth
Grim Up North
Michael St.Mark 2016 ( from 1989 )

Winter’s day, Walney Island,  Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria.

Gelatin silver print

  • Image Size: 15 x 22 in. (38.1 x 55.88 cm.)
  • Overall Size: 20 x 24 in. (50.8 x 60.96 cm.)
Signed, stamped and titled on verso. Edition of 10
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Links to Work No. 381 from 2010; It’s Colorful up North

Links to Work No. 811 from Jan 2016; Winter (Black is Never Black)


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Work No. 871; Black & Light

Black and Light,
Black and Light (1)
” f l i g h t ”
c. Michael St.Mark 2016

Daylight spectrum studio lamp overhead unfolded black plastic refuse bag.

First in a new LD series 

  black and light logo

Available shortly in signed print edition form


Links to Work 815 from January; Black is Never Back

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London Dada Work No. 869; The Ghost of Graffiti Past

Ghost of Graffiti past
Ghost of Graffiti Past
Michael St.Mark 2016

Suburban underpass, Muswell Hill London N.

Signed edition print details tf.


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& to Work No. 834, Ghosts of Architecture Past

Ghosts of Architecture Past III

London DADA Work No. 867; Saint Hilda

Saint Hilda ( triptych )
Michael St.Mark 2016

The blessed Hilda Ogden, haloed in light; immortal  mop-wielding hair curler-totin’ Coro’ star and legend,  aka Jean Alexandra, who sadly passed away today to play a starring role in the great Mancunian Soap in the sky.

Immortalized by London Dada into the Warholesque hall of fame

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