Work No. 969; Climbing Wall of Cool

The Climbing Wall of Kiddie Kudos
Michael St.Mark 2017

Sunny Bank Holiday in an Asda megastore in Herts; the stench of cheap trainers and the screech of pester power unleashed

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London Dada Work No. 968; This Green and Pleasant Land IX

This Green & Pleasant Land IX
Michael St.Mark 2017

Enjoying a picnic in the idyllic verdant environs of Welwyn Herts on a sunny Bank Holiday weekend – with only the minor distraction of skull-jarring East Coast Mainline trains zapping past like cheese graters on the ear drums every 10 minutes, about 50ft away.

Latest in the prolific long-running series highlighting the ongoing inexorable terraforming of England into a standing-room-only steel, glass, concrete and tarmac paradise

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Work No. 967; Nobody Mourns a Fish II

.. which is true when you come to think about it, the human compassion line (ptp) stops at fish,  the next species up the evolutionary ladder however – birds – need a RS for the P of.
The fish monger looks happy enough, though being “responsibly sourced” doesn’t appear to have cheered up the big salmon very much..

St.Albans, Herts

Second in the series; title after Nobody Mourns a Fish (c) Miss Von Trapp 2012