Work No. 771; Shades of Paranoia II / TWHSTL XI

Shades of Paranoia II / TWHSTH XI
c. Michael St.Mark 2015


Lady in bus shelter; North Finchley terminus, London N.

Marking the start of the mini heatwave, end June / early July 2015 and second in the Shades series and
continuation in ” They Who Have Seen the Light” .

The psychology of sunglasses is fertile ground for social commentary in terms of how chioce of design / style
can define – along often vaguely menacing cinematic archetype lines – how an individual’s character is perceived.


Link to first in the series, Work no. 329 from 2008
London Dada
true perception and criticism of our times.

Work No 770; She don’t wanna know M8.

She don’t wanna know m8
c. Dingo 2015

Social commentary work.
Burly tradesman plying his sander tries to make an entrance; ruins a pleasant evening
( No peace and quiet anywhere in this desperado / chancer-pervaded metropolis

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