Work No. 771; Shades of Paranoia II / TWHSTL XI

Shades of Paranoia II / TWHSTH XI
c. Michael St.Mark 2015


Lady in bus shelter; North Finchley terminus, London N.

Marking the start of the mini heatwave, end June / early July 2015 and second in the Shades series and
continuation in ” They Who Have Seen the Light” .

The psychology of sunglasses is fertile ground for social commentary in terms of how chioce of design / style
can define – along often vaguely menacing cinematic archetype lines – how an individual’s character is perceived.


Link to first in the series, Work no. 329 from 2008
London Dada
true perception and criticism of our times.

Work No 770; She don’t wanna know M8.

She don’t wanna know m8
c. Dingo 2015

Social commentary work.
Burly tradesman plying his sander tries to make an entrance; ruins a pleasant evening
( No peace and quiet anywhere in this desperado / chancer-pervaded metropolis

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Work No. 769; Midsummer Sea / 7 Tenets

mssmid summer sea








Midsummer Sea
  c. Michael St.Mark 2015 {top} ( 2014 solsitce, above, click to enlarge )

Photo taken looking SW out  to sea at 12.00 noon GMT on Midsummers Day and posted online here shortly thereafter;
mid day on 21st June being the precise point in the year when the earth reaches it’s seasonal maximum tilt towards the sun
( summer solstice, longest day ) ..and inexorably begins its reverse movement back again towards the winter solstice – its maximum tilt away from the sun and giving the shortest day in the northern hemisphere.
( All downhill ti
l Christmas, as they say )

Counterpart to Work 566 from 21/ 12 / 2011; The Shortest Day

The Two works to be offered as a unique diptych of 20 signed edition Lightjet prints.
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Uriah Heep with rock legend David Byron ( vocals)


ABOUT London Dada

Dada over London

Represented by six bright green spots with one central ( unifying One-Ness ) spot

By Michael St.Mark ( based on the founding group of Dadaists’ collective vision )

1. Radical art innovations
2. New art inventions / concepts
3. Morally-motivated art protest and fearless critical analysis of contemporary art
4. Perceptive societal and political commentary expressed through art.
5. Serendipity / chance or random art expressions
6. Humour ( dry, whimsical or sardonic )
7. Multimedia expressions of the One-ness of life. ( central green spot )

( The 7 tenets are ever present, often in various combinations within Dada Works )

The Dadaist is convinced of the overall connection between all entities and beings ” – Hugo Ball, father of Dada

Dada is essentially the search for a new morality ” – Richard Heulsenbeck, Dada’s co-founder

Work No. 768; Banksy Balloon Girl Reality Check

banksy reality check








Banksy Balloon Girl Reality Check
c. Michael St.Mark 2015


Banksy’s ‘Balloon Girl’ in appropriation with sobering additions to bring into line with current global trends regarding war and occupation and its effect on children who are tragically caught up, scarred and abused in such conflicts.

Also relating to corporate aggression against the individual and his/her human rights via imposition of monstrous social conditions including zero hours nil rights forced slavery.

Photo montage; re-photographed & spray-printed onto canvas.

30″ x 20″ signed & authenticated on verso
Original; £5800 ( unframed )

Also offered in a signed edition of x100 fine art Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
£350 ( unframed )

London Dada Archive / Investments


Banksy definitively unmasked here

Work No 767; Infinitude III, the Dada Digital Mirror

Infinitude III; Pixel Mirror
Infinitude III, the Digital / Pixel Mirror
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Introducing Infinitude III, the Digital (Pixel) Mirror.  Bringing the virtual world into the physical.

data / context
x100 2″ sq mirrors arranged on a back panel to form a 20″ sq mirror, each square being infinitely adjustable via a universal joint on its reverse centre point of adhesion to the panel so as the whole mirror produces an infinite variety and juxtaposition of its 100 individual physical pixel reflections according to each of its component pixels’ (mirrored squares’) manually-depressed angle of any of its 4 outside edges or corners through the horizontal plane, giving a playful hide and seek-like experience.

Multifarious reflections limited edition prints to follow

Digital / Pixel Mirror
Original concept and IP of Michael St.Mark / London Dada Ltd 04/06/2015
( Exhibiting artists’ note * )

Digital Mirror Artist Portraiture.
Michael St.Mark DM Selfie & artist Dingo ( smaller scale test shots )
c. London Dada 2015

Sophie Lardon Digital Mirror

Charles Thomson, art critic and founder of Stuckism in the digital mirror ( top ).

And ( bottom ) Central St.Martins performance Artist Sophie Lardon / Digital Mirror portrait
(The Dada Digital Pixelated Mirror @ Underdog Gallery 2016 )

* Linkback to Infinitude II the artwork that inspired an Olympics.


Artist call  London Dada are offering an affordable photo portrait shoot in the physical pixel deconstructist Digital Mirror TM  during  summer / autumn 2015. A triptych of images ( smaller scale example above, minus the camera ) will be procured in a Shoreditch rooftop setting featuring backdrop of the City and the Shard; each image similar yet with distinctly different positional features, while retaining the sitter’s essential character.
Unique chance to be part of Dada’s London expression
Price per sitting (including x3 A3 limited edition Lightjet prints on fine art Kodak Pro Endura archival paper); just £ 350
Limited to the first 50 artists to apply; prints will be named, numbered and watermarked LONDON DADA 2015.



Update; 03 / 2016, the following year from release of the Dada Digital Mirror….


Self portrait / Hidden pulse, gif by Atacart ( 2016 ), that he keeps as a retweet & follower-accumulating pinned headline lead-in image on his Twitter timeline. A direct copy of Infinitude III; The Digital Mirror by Michael St.Mark, made up into a simple gif by randomly moving some of the mirrored squares – as is exactly the function of Digital Mirror – and re-photographing it.
( * Still there as of January 2018 – presumably Mr Atacart finds it difficult to come up with a better creation of his own in 2 years to attract traffic and followers on his Twitter feed )


  • Update May/June 2017 this gets noticed. Not so flattered when so-called designers like Nick Munro start making money out of someone elses concept and artwork.. Six weeks only after the above post date stamp for Infinitude III, the Digital Mirror, Munro’s  identikit ” Hide and Seek mirror”  is out of production and on sale at John Lewis.. now at £190

LONDON DADA – KickstARTing the 21st century

Carsten Holler’s Travelling Beds – the art of entertainment.

691 Review Feature.

  Carsten Holler – more deviser of turnstile-clicking quirky funfair attractions than artist of perception or innovation?

hayward beds

The customary “look but don’t touch” etiquette for art exhibitions is about to be torn up at the Carsten Höller show in London, where members of the public will be invited to spend a comfortable if discombobulating night stretched out in one of the works – a bed which will pass the hours of darkness trundling slowly around the exciting Hayward Gallery.

The price, at £300 for two beds, is comparable to an expensive London hotel, but even the most luxurious accommodation rarely includes slides which are more than 15 metres high, flying machines, or spectacles which turn the world upside down.

  German artist Höller, who originally trained as an agricultural scientist, is renowned for turning art galleries into playgrounds full of adults and children, making them shriek with glee and occasionally terror. Visitors and their children queued for hours in 2007 to go on his giant slides which shot them from the top level to the ground floor of Tate Modern’s enormous Turbine Hall.

In his latest exhibition, Carsten Holler: Decision, the artist says his Two Roaming Beds (Grey) introduce “a moment of uncertainty”, where the sleepers can’t be sure the place where they close their eyes will be the same place they wake up.”
The Guardian

Work 365; That's Entertainment

London Dada Work 365, from 2007; That’s Entertainment  ( a paint-drying spectacular )
TV screenshot from the Big Brother house, ( ” live ”  3am bedroom cam ).
c. Michael St.Mark.

Carsten Holle ( not a Belgian lager)mirror carouselanother giant slide

Carsten Holler ( not a Belgian lager ), his mirror carousel… and yet another playground slide ( as planned for 2015 ) on the side of the Hayward gallery where visitors can exit the building in dizzying haste.

pilger review

Independent arts reviewer Zoe Pilger’s attempt at keeping her career on track despite by the looks of it disliking most of Holler’s Hayward. pieces. The mainstream media art agenda – pushing full page review spreads on identikit sterile tedium while stone-walling anything remotely new, challenging or truly authentic, out of fear of upsetting those in power and losing out on new job opportunities or even a royal gong 30 years hence.

Almost the entire mainstream media – including perhaps especially arts reviewers – motivated essentially by fear of upsetting their own personal ripening little career apple carts.