London Dada Work No. 254; Witness the New Labour Sickness / The “Respect” is Mutual

Tony Blair’s farewell Labour conference Speech; Manchester 2006
( Multi image mute sound edit )

The fawning faithful pretend a welcome. Open-top bus tour of Baghdad anyone?

100,000 innocent civilian deaths in Iraq – that’s hilarious Tony.


179 British soldiers died for his and the low life wretch Campbell’s WMD dodgy dossier lie – still the Blair psycho smirk undiminished.

Rampaging privatisation of the Health Service to launder taxpayers’ £billions to line his
corporate pal’s Savile Row pockets.


.and feather his wife & kids’ nests for years to come.


One thing you can’t hide, is when you’re crippled by bitterness inside.
” Always a frown, with Gordon Brown ”



Rampaging privatisation of the Health Service to launder taxpayers’ £billions to line his corporate pal’s Savile Row pockets.


Who suntanned with the good Christian Sir Cliff Richard while 300 kids were buried alive under Zionist terrorist-shelled rubble and Gaza burned.. all for the want of a simple ceasefire call he refused to make – for fear of displeasing the Israeli govt. and thereby limiting his own grubby little career prospects thereby.

Whats there not to like, Cherie?

” We love you, child-murdering war criminal  “


The British Bias Corporation’s Nick Robinson guards his career at the expense of telling too much truth

The “Respect” is Mutual
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark


After 10 years of Blair/ BBC distortion lies and spin, and deaf to the opinions of the majority; London Dada produce a sequence of TV stills – a fitting legacy of the PM’s farewell speech at the Labour Party conference in Manchester – Blair blurred and with the sound on M U T E .

The “respect” is mutual

* Conservative Conference at the same venue 11 years on in 2017 slogan ” Building a Better Britain ” . Not from a creative and moral vaccum they won’t.

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London Dada Work 253 / 253a – Six Solid Ghosts / Six Career Artists

6 solid-ghosts

Six Solid Ghosts
c. Michael St.Mark 2006


Hexaptych presentation of of six covert digital images of random passers-by at dusk( open aperture / 1/8sec ).
Hampstead High Street, London NW3, August 2006

First in our Human Condition series, setting a trend in the art mainstream.

Comment on the temporal nature of human existence in comparison to the relative longevity of urban surroundings; Six Solid Ghosts hints at the transparency of the physical body at the atomic level – that in fact we are not as solid as we imagine.
A further dimension is intended by the title, suggesting we appear to be little more than isolated wandering spirits body-hopping from life to life, temporarily trapped in a decaying flesh and blood cage and raising age-old questions on the subjects of reincarnation and the interwoven nature of life and death.
Hexaptych. Signed edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Ilford Pearl, 24″ x 20″
£450 ( unframed )


Update in the genre ( 2013 )
E11even Solid Ghosts

– Specific photo format genre established –


Time Lapse West Village ( 2019 )
by Xan Padron


Further update, 08/09/2018

Six Career Artists ( trapped in creative stasis ) Aspire to Greatness
© Michael St.Mark

click thru X 2 to enlarge the creepy crawlies and the unspoken rules for becoming a recognized art great.



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