London Dada Work No. 254; Witness the New Labour Sickness / The “Respect” is Mutual

Tony Blair’s farewell Labour conference Speech; Manchester 2006
( Multi image mute sound edit )

The fawning faithful pretend a welcome. Open-top bus tour of Baghdad anyone?

100,000 innocent civilian deaths in Iraq – that’s hilarious Tony.


179 British soldiers died for his and the low life wretch Campbell’s WMD dodgy dossier lie – still the Blair psycho smirk undiminished.

Rampaging privatisation of the Health Service to launder taxpayers’ £billions to line his
corporate pal’s Savile Row pockets.


.and feather his wife & kids’ nests for years to come.


One thing you can’t hide, is when you’re crippled by bitterness inside.
” Always a frown, with Gordon Brown ”



Rampaging privatisation of the Health Service to launder taxpayers’ £billions to line his corporate pal’s Savile Row pockets.


Who suntanned with the good Christian Sir Cliff Richard while 300 kids were buried alive under Zionist terrorist-shelled rubble and Gaza burned.. all for the want of a simple ceasefire call he refused to make – for fear of displeasing the Israeli govt. and thereby limiting his own grubby little career prospects thereby.

Whats there not to like, Cherie?

” We love you, child-murdering war criminal  “


The British Bias Corporation’s Nick Robinson guards his career at the expense of telling too much truth

The “Respect” is Mutual
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark


After 10 years of Blair/ BBC distortion lies and spin, and deaf to the opinions of the majority; London Dada produce a sequence of TV stills – a fitting legacy of the PM’s farewell speech at the Labour Party conference in Manchester – Blair blurred and with the sound on M U T E .

The “respect” is mutual

* Conservative Conference at the same venue 11 years on in 2017 slogan ” Building a Better Britain ” . Not from a creative and moral vaccum they won’t.

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19 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 254; Witness the New Labour Sickness / The “Respect” is Mutual

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    • I had no idea you could pick up BBC1 in Poland, Hektor! Or are you bouncing the signal off the baco foil on your cardboard space shuttle exterior?

      ” Joe 90″ Robinson is a great presenter and good entertainment value – yet underneath it’s a toothless teddy bear. In fact that’s why he’s allowed on prime time, just like all the others.


      • The Pengiuns have screens on their wings here, you can get almost anything you want. Most people watch endless reruns of Benny Hill playing a cowboy in a film called “Slow Eyed Jack”.

        When I heard Joe 90 had replaced Andy Maaaaaarrrrrr, I knew it was all over. What happened to that nutty Ulsterman, he was much better.


      • I know the one you mean Hektor, that bespeckled old N.Ireland visage /voice combo lives on in the television memory we all revisit in the afterlife, yet his name evades me.

        On the base level we all think in images I fancy – that is why the good Hamulec of Queryspoone’s arcane storyboard artworks will live eternally.


      • John Cole. Not Coal or Dole. Cole not Dole.

        Which reminds me of an amusing story recalled by Alan Bennett of a colleague who managed to get Mrs Thatcher to say, during the miner’s strike, but grossly out of context, “Cole not Dole”. From the spelling, you see the context was different. Nevertheless, amusing.


  3. Wonderful stuff Mike. The daughter has her father’s look. You kthat looks that says”please don’t belive im evil” while looking stright at ya. Unfortunately wherever we go, wehatever we do, he’ll be with us….not if someone binds his legs and hands and throws him in some pit in Guantanamo!


    • Thank you Kiki. Not angry, just livid! Yes sound is on MUTE, why should we listen to Politicians when they ignore us? This is a statement they should listen to!

      A visit is due to Kiki blog land soon and so it will be.
      Hope you are keeping well girl.


      • Yes, that’s why i don’t watch much TV nowadays! You let it on Mute, I let it turned off :))
        Thanks for the laughs Mike, because i’m laughing yet, with that one, well is always great start the day in a good mood!
        I am, Thank you, is all fine and calm now 🙂


    • She knew she had to keep her duck mouth shut, the final day you see Isadora.

      Note the subliminal Star Spangled banner the furer was wearing, tailored especially for the American TV audience I fancy.

      A hint there perhaps of where he’s heading soon – the good ol’ USA, probably the only place in the world where he’ll get an ounce of misplaced respect.

      Ta Tone, you’ve been a real brick. Now just go away, to put it very very very politely.


      • and on the remote chance that the U.S.of A. fail to take him, we’ll put him on a slow boat to China, the boat’s a bit rickety so it’s bound to capsize enroute.


      • Now I hadn’t noticed that tie……wolves in sheep clothing nothing much changes yet everything does -it’s a worrying world right now.


      • Funny thing, Blair’s ties over the years. Its something I’ve always picked up on when he made his weekly appearances at Commons PM questions.

        Depending on which groups he was trying to impress, the red and blue ties used to alternate. For instance, on legislation unpopular with the unions, out came the red tie, subliminally signalling support for the unions. Conversely, whenever he was trying to out-Conservative the Conservatives, out came the Tory blue job.

        Never seen him in the star and stripes before though – what a pss-take. So I think we know where he might be off to soon ( before his eventual hot assignment for Bealzibub shovelling coal down a deep mine, that is 🙂 ).

        Enjoy while you can, man.


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