Work No. 154; Mountain of the Dada King

Mountain of the Dada King
© Michael. St.Mark 2005

( Stac Pollaidh, NW Highlands )

“Like a giant molar tooth in the final stages of decay”
M St.M


Another re-constituted post from 2005 following the cyber vandalism of Luca Ascani / “blog forever ” lol

Work 152; Dead Dali Dada ( a posthumous collaboration)

Dead Dali Dada ( A ‘Flash & Grab’ Art Theft )
(Posthumous collaboration)
@ Dali Universe
c. SALVADOR DALI and Michael St.Mark;  2005

Flash-assisted photograph of a Salvador Dali oil painting and border on display in the West End with associated quote by Dali himself adhered to the presentation, below.
( This Work created and validated in the spirit in which it is offered by Dali )

Lightjet print on Kodak Pro Endura
10″ x 8″ ( unframed )
One worldwide



Work No.150; Subliminal Grim

Reconstituted post from 2005

Subliminal Grim
(c) Michael St.Mark 2005


Out and about in Barnet, N. London / Herts; an unfortunate advertisement, yet remaining subliminal to the vast majority, who observe purely retinally.


Signed print edition details tf


( Reconstituted post from London Dada’s early years, temporarily lost due to cyber vandal Luca Asani’s closure of Populis ( “Blog Forever” ) platform, with the loss of a large and active online community almost 10 years in the making – and along with it millions of images, transferable to WordPress only in thumbnail form therefore having to be painstakingly replaced with the original large file size image for each post.. )